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Advantages of Content Marketing



Content Marketing

The world is going digital. Traditional advertising mediums like television and print are no more enough today. The average consumer is spending more of his time on the digital media. To capture the consumer’s interest, it is vital for businesses to have a strong digital marketing strategy. This is why digital marketing companies, are gaining importance. More and more companies are hiring the services of these digital marketing companies to create effective and engaging digital content to capture the attention of more consumers.

A very important part of digital marketing is to have a strong content marketing strategy in place. By definition, content marketing refers to “a marketing technique of creating and distributing valuable, relevant and consistent content to attract and acquire a clearly defined audience – with the objective of driving profitable customer action”.

Content marketing is one of the most effective and practical tools for businesses to reach and engage more quality leads and customers. Digital content can be of many types – videos, blogs, social media posts, online reviews, and much more. Companies can partner up with a content marketing agency in Kolkata to create the correct type of content for their brand that will create genuine interest among their target audience.

Some advantages of content marketing include:

Increased Website Traffic

By creating valuable and relevant content for your target audience consistently, it can help to bring more traffic to your website over time. If you can create niche content only catering to a very specific target group, that section of the people are likely to keep coming back to your site for future questions. This can be done by delivering good content in a consistent schedule. As the quality of content improves, it will result in increased website traffic.

Better SEO

The main goal of all digital marketing companies in Kolkata is to increase a company’s online presence. All digital marketing efforts have one goal – to rank higher in SEO rankings. In today’s digital age, consumers turn to search engines for any queries they have. Companies aim to have a high SEO so that their product or service comes up as the first answer to the consumer’s question. When your company website produces high-quality content consistently, the search engine is more likely to put up your page higher in the search results. Good content can increase your SEO.

Higher Conversion Rates

The consumer today is very smart. Before buying any new product or service, they do a thorough research of the options available in the market. With content marketing, a company can provide detailed information and insights about their products and services. They can create relevant content which the consumers find useful for their needs. By consistently creating good content, companies have a higher chance of converting leads into a successful purchase.

Brand Awareness

The marketplace is huge. There are a number of brands vying for the customer’s attention. Content marketing helps in capturing the interest of the customer through relevant and engaging content. Content marketing done via blogs or DIY videos are a great way of increasing brand awareness. When a company creates interesting content for their target audience and it reaches them successfully, there is an increased level of brand awareness.

Brand Image

In the digital world, your company’s website and social profiles are your brand identity. The type of content you create will affect your overall brand image. With the help of a content marketing agency in Kolkata, businesses can produce better and more engaging content that can help to build a positive brand image for your company. By building a good brand image, it will help your company to be higher on the consumer’s recall list.

Brand Loyalty

Good high-quality content helps to convert leads into first-time customers. And by consistently creating good content, a company can influence these customers to keep coming back to them. Over time, good content will keep building a strong base of customers for your brand. This leads to customers who are only loyal to your brand. This can give your business an edge over competitors in the marketplace.

Customer Relationships

Content is a great way to build relationships with your customer. Blog posts, FAQ pages on the site, interactive chat boxes, and other online resources are just some of the tools where companies can directly interact with a customer. By consistently publishing content that answers all the possible queries of the customer, it helps to build a stronger relationship between the customer and the business.



How To Use Instagram To Promote Your Photography Business



Since the inception of Instagram on 6th October 2006, it has become an indispensable part of our social media life. The app has given photos a perfect platform  to shine. It’s all about clicking good pictures and posting it for the world to see.

With over 600 million users accessing the app on a daily basis, it’s a great platform for budding or established photographer to promote their business and expand it internationally.

Instagram is a global app used by celebrities, sportsmen and common men alike. Thus, it gives you a huge exposure as a photo enthusiast to showcase your skills and growing your customers.

It’s never too late to join this photo fanatic community. Just download and start, it’s very easy and you will be welcomed with open arms.

Firstly let’s talk about why Instagram? The reasons are:

  • The ever-growing audience that will most certainly stumble upon your best work.
  • Your competitors are on it, advertising their products.
  • All your friends, favorite photographers are on it. Follow them to get inspired and make them notice your work.

Without further delay, let’s look at 7 tips on how to use Instagram to expand your photography business-

1. Share only your flawless work

Posting frequently is a must to keep your followers but more importantly, you need to retain them. So, while sharing remember to showcase your best work.

Your posts should be flawless inciting an immediate response from consumers and leaving them awestruck.

It’s also crucial to mix and match the post images, show all the shades of your photography from casual to formal to carefree. Variety always stands out and let people with different taste feel connected to you.

2. Hashtags are a must use

Hashtags are critical for a budding business to keep it growing. A person will not just stumble upon your work out of luck. He will search for hashtags and in doing so will  engage new target customers.

When you use hashtags in your caption, and people with common interest search those, they find your account and ta-da new fans.

The limit for hashtags is 30 but you don’t have to use the limit.5-10 is enough and also use single words between them, not a whole sentence.

3. Keep your profile and bio updated

The first thing a follower will do after landing on your post/photos will check out your profile. Your username should be crafted carefully, it should reflect your business and your personality.

Your bio should give details about your work, hobbies, and nature of your work. It should always include contact details and location for your peers and potential collaborators to reach you and know where your base is. You can read here more about how to set up an interesting Instagram bio for photographers.

4. Decide your field of work and let them know

Photography has so many fields but you have to let your followers know what your forte is. Whether you do professional photo-shoots or serious artistic work etc. must be clear from your window of work.

Don’t confuse the consumers by putting everything up, find a niche and works towards that enabling everyone who sees your page to know where your expertise lies.

5. Interact by asking a question

Keeping the audience engaged is a tough task but not impossible. Interact with them through your post by attaching a question in your caption or asking a suggestion.

The question doesn’t always have to be about your page, ask a question that compels them to answer and engage in a conversation with other followers.

Ask about their favorite book or opinion about something trending, it will definitely engage people coz everyone loves to speak their mind.

Be whimsical and funny and sarcastic, be you and more while interacting. Don’t just talk or post about our photography.

6. Use your words

Instagram is a huge success because people don’t have to write long description but that doesn’t mean that you can ignore your caption.

Always put a little caption for your post. The caption should be short but full of valuable information for the followers.

Captioning your post with the right words can be the key which will help you keep your followers engrossed in your page. Also, tag all the people involved in a particular shot, it automatically broadens your reach.

7. Post bloopers and behind the scene footage

A lot of hard work goes into getting a perfect shot. There are fun, embarrassing moments and a lot of stories that people love to see.

Use the story feature of Instagram and let the world see that you are a human who sometimes is messy, climb a tree for a perfect shot or simply post your selfies with your collaborators.

Create photo collages. They work amazing. Use tools like Canva to create and share photo collages within minutes.

Keeping these tips in mind, one can use Instagram not just for fun or stalking celebrities but to excel in their career.

Sure, your portfolio is important but it never hurts to give a boon to your business. So, try the app and reach out to millions.

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Transparent Display Boards Are the Future of Digital Signage and What You Need to Know About It!



One of the most potent innovations in recent times is transparent screens which have taken the experience of digital signage to the next level. It is futuristic in its aspects as it shows an array of information while at the same time allowing its background to continue to remain visible. In this article, you will learn about why you should get transparent screens for your business establishment as well.

Impact of transparent screens

Some of you can wonder what benefits a transparent screen can bring to your business. Well, those of you who follow latest developments in the world of technologies will know that this particular tech had been around for a while but was used only as a part of ordinary displays for LCDs. Many restaurant owners use transparent display boards to create beautiful patterns in designs which make the displayed content come alive and can often seem like a holographic display.

An appropriate solution for self-service stations

All self-service establishments have to rely on clarity in conveying correct information to function smoothly. Customers must be able to find out how they can manage this system like pros. For this purpose, transparent displays will be highly beneficial so long as the content you put up is not difficult to understand. To get a better understanding, you can take the example of how transparent screens are used in restaurants and convenience stores. When a transparent screen gets used as doors for installations like coolers, you will be able to easily provide simple information about all the products which are behind this display.

Transparent screens can also be used in grocery, restaurants and fast food chains to display the prices for all the products which are stored inside coolers, easily and efficiently. Customers will be able to see the prices while they can still notice the products behind. Standard traditional signage and stickers cannot be used for highlighting the features of the products unless they block the sight of the products. Also, you will be able to use transparent screens for displaying various special offers which can also be styled as advertisements for your displayed products.

Fast food chains can use transparent screens in order the self-service processes much easier and also a lot more friendly experience as the requirements for having dedicated staff to help customers will be not needed.

Transparent displays can be used in all industries

Transparent screens can be quite effectively used to display advertisements on your restaurant’s windows. Cooler doors and glass shelves can easily display information about products. These will make information more readily accessible in various places like a shopping mall or a museum.

These screens have been used for conveying information for many years in liquor shops and grocery stores, and today they are used further to provide more information about products and unique features. One of the most essential benefits of these screen displays is that they have the ability to give you almost all the benefits of digital signage and boards in displaying information and highlighting the features of your products and they will not block the customer’s views either. Thus it will engage potential customers more acutely, and they will also be able to process information faster and make quick decisions about whether they want to buy your products or not. Transparent screens help in expanding your limits in displaying product information and content.

Your advertising efforts will get a boost

The central goal of advertising is in catching the attention of a potential customer, and transparent display boards excel in this function. The practical applications, which have been highlighted so far, reflect how you can use clear digital signage in your establishment also. Transparent TV menu boards will help you generate more sales in your restaurant and make your menu and advertising become a more natural aspect of your establishment. Today transparent TV menu boards are not just part of liquor shops, but they have found broad applications in hotels and in football stadiums too. Many merchandisers use transparent digital boards. They use it in overlaying the text which describes their products and its features inside and can even show the videos of these products when they are in use. Jewelry shops, electronics stores, and cosmetic stores all have started using transparent display boards.

The essential reason for this popularity is that transparent display boards offer a lot of clarity, they do not look cluttered or cumbersome while providing information. Transparent menu boards are useful because of this reason only, they will not only display the price of a food item but will also show the product alongside so that the customer can get a better understanding of the product. It makes digital display boards more functional and increases its usability.

You can get a lot of designs for the display on your TV menu boardonline from various websites at attractive prices. The combination of high quality digital signage and attractive content always wins hearts of the audience!


A digital signage is mandatory for the future of your business establishment. They offer a range of benefits which were unavailable in previous static display boards. With digital display boards, you can update the content as many times as you want with relative ease and comfort. You can put images, videos and audio content alongside the more traditional textual content. Transparent display boards will be the future of digital signage as articulated in this article. It is more interactive and will allure onlookers and entice customers to step into your restaurant and buy food items. Hopefully, you will now consider getting one for your establishment soon.

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How to Increase Website Traffic Without Writing New Posts?



Digital Marketing

To increase your website traffic you need to post more content, right?

Wrong! You don’t have to always churn out new contents to boost your website traffic. You can also get more visitors to your websites by using few incredible strategies which don’t require new content.

If you are searching for ways to increase your website traffic without publishing new posts, this article is for you where I’m going to discuss few simple traffic generation ways to get more visitors.

Tips to Increase Website Traffic without Posting New Content

Breathe Life Into Your Old Blog Posts

The simplest way to increase your website traffic is to improve your old blog posts. Optimize your old blog posts and pages if you haven’t properly optimized it before. Make sure each of your posts has a specific keyword to target for.

The only way to increase your overall SEO traffic is to improve your on-page SEO. That can be only done by performing a proper keyword research. So if you haven’t properly done with on-page SEO on your old blog posts, make sure to focus at least one keyword and use it in the headline, meta description and body to rank well in search engines.

Here are few pro tips to improve your old blog posts to increase website traffic without producing new content.

Tweak your Headlines. If a post doesn’t have a compelling title, tweak it and make it better.

Add more Information. By adding more value to the old blog posts, you can certainly improve the quality of your website content. Add the updated information on latest trends and also link to quality sites for more reference.

Include call to Actions. when updating your old posts. Ask your readers to either share your posts or leave a comment. This way you’ll increase your user engagement.

Note: Don’t EVER change your URL’s while updating your old blog posts or pages. It will result in 404 error pages and Google can penalize you for having 404 error pages. Change your headlines but not URL’s.

Tweet your Published Posts with a Twist

Tweak your headlines while tweeting your old blog posts instead of sharing with the default titles to increase your click through rates (CTR) and attract more people to click on your tweets.

The best way to increase your website traffic is through social media sites. Twitter is undoubtedly the best social media platform for bloggers who want to increase their website traffic. By tweeting your best stuff at regular intervals, you can attract a lot of new visitors to your sites.

You can use tools like BufferApp for scheduling posts in advance and you can actually see the analytics like how many clicks your tweets have generated and a number of retweets using this app.

Pro Tip: You can use a handy WordPress plugin called “Tweet Old Blog Posts”. It’s free and a powerful plugin that helps you tweet your old blog posts. The best thing about the plugin is you can actually schedule your posts for a specific time. You can tweet your old blog posts every 4 hours a day or whatever time intervals you like to bring more traffic to your websites.

Re-purpose your Content to Increase Website Traffic

What’s the use of publishing new posts without getting more online visibility? The simplest way to increase your articles visibility is to promote more. The more people you reach, the more traffic you can generate to your websites.

By repurposing your content, you can reach thousands of new visitors to your sites. The best thing is, you don’t have to brainstorm for this, just repurpose the posts that are valuable.

Repurposing your content also takes less time to research and gives you more traffic. Here are 3 of the best ways to repurpose your content.

Videos: Videos are really popular and most people would prefer watching videos over reading content. So if you have any detailed article that’s really valuable, convert it into a video to reach a wider audience. You can either create a self-made video explaining your content or use tools to animate your stuff.

Infographics: Infographics are very easy to digest. Even if you’ve lots of content, you can merge it into one infographic to receive lots of attention. Moreover, infographics attract a lot of links and shares.

PDF files: One of the easiest ways to repurpose your existing content is to convert into PDF files and upload them into popular sites to freely download your stuff. And also use a call to actions like sharing or subscribing to your blog within your PDF files to increase your conversion rates.

Improve Your Website’s Overall SEO Structure

The best way to increase your website traffic is to improve your SEO structure. The better your SEO structure, the more visitors you can drive from search engines to your websites.

Most beginners don’t focus on their SEO structure at all and because of this reason, they lack organic traffic no matter how hard they work.

Conduct an SEO audit to make sure your website is doing well in search engine results. Make sure your URL structure is properly optimized, check your website loading speed and make your site mobile friendly.

Use better SEO plugins like WordPress SEO by Yoast to improve on-page optimization of your websites. Also make sure to get Google site links to improve your website’s overall click through rates (CTR), conversion rates and increase your brand’s awareness.

Final thoughts on how to increase website traffic without publishing new content, To sum up, your website traffic totally depends on how you promote your content. Promotion is the key to get more traffic, leads and sales to any website.

In fact, without proper promotion, no matter how great content you have, it won’t attract more social shares, links and traffic. So make sure to use the above ways to reach out more people without posting new content.

Do you have any more tips to increase website traffic without writing new content? Please share your thoughts in the comments and share this post with others if you find it useful.


Manish Agrawal is a full-time blogger and Founder of Ebizner Digital Marketing Company in Vadodara. In this Article, I have shared complete information how to get big traffic using Old Posts with multiple styles. I hope you like this Article.

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