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5 Best Audio Player You Can Use Very Easily



Best 5 Music Player

We all want to dive in the ocean of imagination. We all love to build an imaginary world of our own. See what? The imaginary world is the best world you’ll ever find& Music will be the best friend of you to do that which will be in action simultaneously with your thoughts. Music will help you to think further more. So to do it you have to be careful with your music player which you will have to operate while listening to music. Okay then, let’s get to the point here is the 5 best music players to personalize your music library & to enhance your listening experience.

1. MusicBee

Without any doubt MusicBee is still the best music player for Windows. You can customize every single thing you could imagine. It’s the most powerful and the most features packed audio player out there. You can use many skins in this player which will change the overall view of entire interface. It plays almost every audio format. You can get services through plug-in supports! And obviously in this app you can listen to popular podcasts around the world.After installing the software you may receive lame_enc.dll missing error. Lame_enc.dll should be downloaded and placed in the same directory as MusicBee or in the system folder

2. Spotify

Spotify is the biggest music streaming platform in the world. You can use it by paying money or not, it depends on your needed. You will get the latest songs right into your PC. It also scans your locally stored audio files so you will be able to play those on Spotify desktop app. Though it has made its way to the Microsoft Store but they haven’t made the perfect UWP (Universal Windows Platform) app yet.

Will you use Spotify forever?

If not having the ability to urge your information back from Spotify doesn’t sound sort of a downside, I actually have a couple of queries for you:

  • How many music services have you ever utilized in the last 10-15 years?
  • Can you see yourself exploitation Spotify for the remainder of your natural life?
  • Are you okay forgetting concerning every bit of music you’re listening to?

Maybe a number of you only don’t care concerning your music assortment. If so, Spotify is ideal. Hell, Pandora is best. If all music is simply Associate in Nursing endless station to you, then nothing I’m voice communication can touch you. however if you type a association to the music you hear, then services like Spotify area unit an incredible development, however a hard reality.

3. Groove Music

Don’t panic please! This is not designed to give you the professional grade experience to customize your music. People love to use it because of the simplicity it has. It gives you the pleasure experience for listening to songs. It also downloads the missing Album Arts. The fluent UI gives you the best experience to navigate and to manage songs, playlists easily. It plays the song that you’ve uploaded to OneDrive. There is a nice feature to view a short bio of artists.

4. VLC

We all know that VLC is the most widely used video player around the world but the UWP version of VLC will surprise you to give the same experience with audio this time as it is able to play any kinds of audio formats. VLC is much more fluent and faster after getting UWP update.Technically you will get the same VLC experience on every Windows 10 Devices. Thoughit is not featured pack audio player like Music Bee but you won’t be disappointed using it. It has neat interface for you to navigate easier. By the way there is also a traditional desktop app that you’ve known for over the past years.

Updating from official VLC website:

This is the easiest way to update your VLC media player from online. You just have to browse the official VLC website typing on a browser and click on the blue button showing download VLC. It will start downloading and you will have to install it manually. You can directly download a new version 32 bit or 64 bit VLC media player from this official website.

5. iTunes

So here comes the surprise! iTunes! If you are an iPhone user and have a PC then it is the most helpful friend of you right now! iTunes is the only way where Apple gives you to manage your locally stored audios between iPhone and PC. It is limited by formats to play audio but it gives you traditional desktop audio listening experience. iTunes will make soon its own way to Microsoft Store as updating it will be easier for users.

These are the 5 Best Audio players for different case scenarios.



How to Choose a Web Development Platform for Small Business



Sometimes having a lot of choices is not so good. The number of web development platforms has actually made things just a bit harder! With so many high-quality platforms available today, how do we decide on one? What makes one platform better or more suitable than others?

For small businesses, this criteria is important. Unlike a big business with substantial funds, a small business can ill afford to make wrong choices. Most small businesses today run on a very strict budget, which limits the scope to learn from mistakes. A website or app with its reach and potential is too important to ignore and this is what makes the choice of web development platform so important.

Sure, you can write your own code from scratch, but this is a time-consuming process and one error can set you back. A framework gives you the basics in place. At least some of your must-haves — such as authentication, session management — are already covered.

But that brings us back to our original problem. How do we decide on the framework for our web development platform? You can’t really just run a survey of who’s using which one because each developer and business has its own requirement and to each his own. So what’s good for X may not really suit Y. Instead, you start with the basics — doing your own research. Here are the factors that can help you decide:

Decide if you need a framework

Yes, we’ve said this before. You can start from scratch. But there are other criteria as well. If you just need a URL that sounds good but does not really need the handy features, if you need it yesterday or if all you are looking for is one specific feature, you can avoid the decision on a framework. But if you need anything a bit more nuanced and do not have the hours of coding, authentication or sessions it will require, go for a framework!

Ease of installation:

Here’s where complications can really screw up your day (and your hard work). There are frameworks that seem to work great with loads of features, but need a hundred rounds at installation. Even when it’s ready and tested, deployment can get messy. Which brings us to the frameworks that can make your life easy with an easy instalment, as easy as getting your configuration file right! When manpower is limited and time is short, the choice is a no-brainer.

Ease of use:

With limited resources, you need a framework that is easy for you to use. Every framework has its own structure and rules. Some may be based on the common conventional methods, while some may have their own unique structure. Some may give you a lot of leeways, while some have a rigid structure. You must choose the framework you are more comfortable with. A new framework will mean some learning. So, minimizing this step can only help you. While you are doing that, keep the language in mind as well. You don’t want to choose a framework for its easy structure only to decide you have to learn a new language as well.

Core library and documentation:

Most people make a choice based on the library. After all, this is why you are going for a framework in the first place. But not everyone is looking for the same things. Some people may need a specific feature, while some may want a feature-laden library. Another option here is to go for a framework that gives some flexibility in libraries. But it is not just the features you are looking for. You also need some good documentation to go with it, particularly, a user manual and code snippets. This will help you out when you get stuck.


Some java application development platforms allow commercial usage, while some need licensing. Given a limited budget, this could be the deciding factor. Do not forget to check licensing for plug-ins as well.

Compatibility with mobile OS:

Mobile is the future. Even today mobile users trump desktop or tabs by thousands. This comparatively cheaper medium is also a critical platform for small business for their reach and ease of use. So, it’s important that the framework you choose is compatible with the most commonly used OS, the Android, Windows and iOS. It should also be the latest version, easy to update.

Don’t let the template limit you:

No one denies the convenience of a template. It’s a readymade structure which you know will work. But take it as a springboard for you to work in all the elements you need. So, it’s also important that you choose a platform with flexibility in templates.

The UX:

This is the most important aspect. No matter how full of cool features it is, your website/app will be of no use if it needs a manual to use. Any platform that cannot give you that must be binned!


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AOMEI Partition Assistant – Manage Your Partition Safely




AOMEI Partition Assistant can be said a necessary tool for first installing system. It is an excellent third-party software, in this article, We will introduce this program to you in details, hope you could share it to more people.

In general, AOMEI Partition Assistant is an easy to use partition manager, and its most functions are free to use, for common people, its Standard Edition as free partition manager can satisfy most needs. With the help of AOMEI Partition Assistant, you are able to move partition, resize partition, copy partition, split partition, merge partition, recover partition, migrate OS and so on. Free AOMEI Partition Assistant Standard Edition supported operating systems are Windows 2000 Pro SP4, Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows 8/8.1 and the latest Windows 10. For Windows Server, such as Windows Server 2003 and 2003 R2, Windows Server 2008 and 2008 R2, Windows Server 2012 and 2012 R2, Windows SBS 2003, 2008, 2011 and Windows Home Server 2011, you can use the free AOMEI Partition Assistant Lite Edition.

For managing partition and disk on Windows, are you looking for a full-scale function and run stable partition management software? Are you encountering following problems: How to partition a hard drive in Windows 7? Unreasonable partition on disk before, lack system volume, need to migrate OS to SSD, want to create more partitions, change the size of partition. How to solve them? AOMEI Partition Assistant is a good choice.

Some features of AOMEI Partition Assistant

Resize partition: this function enables you extend partition or shrink partition.

Merge/split partition: merge at least two partitions to one partition. Split one big partition to many small partitions.

Allocate free space: re-allocate unallocated volume to already allocated volume.

Create/delete/format partition: no matter under what situation, you can create new partition directly.

Wipe disk/partition: wipe all data on disk or partition to deleted prevent private data recovery.

Align partition: align partition according to 4KB, 8KB sector, etc to accelerate the reading and writing speed of your hard disk.

Convert between primary and logical partition.

Some wizards of AOMEI Partition Assistant

Disk copy wizard: clone all data to another.

Extend partition wizard: one-click to extend especially system partition and don’t need to reboot computer.

Migrate OS to SSD: nowadays SSD becomes more popular than before. Because of the small size of SSD, users usually use it as system partition. With this feature, you can migrate Windows 10 from HDD to SSD easily.

Partition recovery wizard: recover deleted or missed partition.

Make bootable media: build a bootable CD/USB based on WinPE.

SSD Secure Erase is AOMEI Partition Assistant’s unique function to let you erase SSD safely.


Other interesting and practical functions such as Windows to Go Creator, allows you to create a portable Windows on your USB flash drive. I hope you could try it by yourself. Two new features have been added in the latest version: quick partition and command line partition. What’s more, these two function are free to use in all editions, while in other same kind of partition software, these two functions are paid, that’s why I choose AOMEI Partition Assistant.

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Where to Free Download Windows Movie Maker in 2018




Now, more and more users like creating their own cool videos by mixing pictures, videos, and music. Windows Movie Maker, a professional video editing software released by Microsoft, is a better choice for you. It is capable of creating and editing videos as well as publishing the created videos onto YouTube, Facebook, Vimeo, OneDrive, and Flickr. However, Windows Movie Maker is no longer available for download. Now, you might be wondering:

“Where to free download Movie Maker software in 2018 for Windows 10?”

How to Get Windows Movie Maker in 2018 for Free?

Fortunately, you can safely get Windows Movie Maker from MiniTool Solution Ltd. This professional software development company provides customers with complete business software solutions in the data recovery and partition management industry. Here, considering Movie Maker was officially discontinued on January 10, 2017, it has saved the links to the archived files for you. And, all you have to do is click here to download it and then install it on a computer according to actual needs. More importantly, you can get Windows Movie Maker without paying a penny.

Reading here, I guess some users might be wondering “is it safe to download?” Of course, it is completely safe to download because it is the unaltered, original installation file that was released by Microsoft.

Is Windows Movie Maker Any Good?

  • Most importantly, Windows Movie Maker is a free video editing software. It can help you effectively create your own movie without paying any money by yourself!
  • Windows Movie Maker offers straightforward and intuitive interface. If you are not experienced in video editing, free Movie Maker is the best choice for you.
  • Windows Movie Maker offers over 130 effects, amazing transitions, titles, and credits to use when making videos. For instance, it offers seven AutoMovie themes including contemporary, default, fade, cinematic, pan and zoom, sepia, and black & white to help you quickly and effectively create your own movie.
  • Windows Movie Maker is engineered specifically to create home movies and photo slideshows. It is a perfect tool for photo slideshows.

If you are a home movie enthusiast, don’t miss Windows Movie Maker.

How to Use Windows Movie Maker?

After downloading free Windows Movie Maker 2018 for Windows 10, it is time to learn how to use it. It is pretty straightforward. It is very easy to learn it. Generally, within only 3 steps, you can easily create your own movie by using the best free video editing software.

Step 1: Import your media files (photos, videos, and music) to free Movie Maker.

To import photos and videos, you can click the Add photos and videos under the Home menu.

To import music, you can click the Add music button under the Home menu.

Step 2: Create your movie.

You can click Animations, or Visual Effects, or Titles, or others to enhance your movie. For instance, if you want to add film transitions, you can click Animations, and then click the selected one. Then, you will find that a washed-out diagonal region, located in the clip in the timeline, and it shows where the transition begins and ends.

Besides, the best free video editing software allows you to remove motion distortion without affecting overall video quality.

Step 3: Import your movie.

You not only can save your movie for viewing on a computer, mobile device, or even TV but also can directly share it with others by YouTube, Facebook, Vimeo, OneDrive, and Flickr.

What are you waiting for? Download free Windows Movie Maker! Use the best free video editing software to create your own style video with your favourite photos, video clips, and some nice transition effects.

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