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Why is JavaScript important for Modern Web Developers?



The importance of JavaScript is gradually gaining its pace as a web technology. About 95% of the web developers are currently using this programming language to build different websites. Now the question is, what intends the developers to learn this programming language? JavaScript for web developers is important as it helps them to make dynamic, responsive and interactive web pages. This work as a client-side programming language, implementing custom client-side scripts as inputs. The developers use the cross-platform runtime engines like Node.js to write the server-side code in JavaScript. They even blend JavaScript, HTML5, and CSS3 to create such effective and engrossing web pages. As a result of which it can run irrespective of browsers, platforms, and devices.

Well, in the above context we have just mentioned a few reasons to use JavaScript language. But there are several other important reasons as well, that you can’t overlook. Every web developer in today’s date should know the importance of JavaScript and how to leverage its benefits in every project.

Why will it be a silly work for every web developer to avoid JavaScript?

  1. Implementation of Client-Side Scripts: JavaScript (JS) is a high level interpreted programming language. This is again specially designed as a client-side scripting language. As we have said earlier, quite a great number of developers use this as a client-side programming language for building their websites. JavaScript allows the web developers to encrypt custom client-side scripts into it. These scripts are again integrated with HTML to give a quality output. These are highly responsible for an interactive and responsive web page, creating a richer user interface. Moreover, such websites deal with less server interaction and in turn reduces server load.
  2. Write Server-Side Code: We know, that web developers use cross-platform runtime engine like Node.js to write server-side code in JavaScript. But, these cross-platform are designed as a server-side runtime environment as well. Node.js further executes the JavaScript code efficiently through Google V8 JavaScript engine. It holds a number of built-in libraries that, at the end, allow the programmers to run their web apps sleekly without relying on external web servers. Hence, JavaScript helps the developers to pen-down both client-side and server-side scripts using Node.js.


  3. Simple Website Application Development: Developers usually come across certain complex situations. These can be easily solved just by using JavaScript. The JavaScript libraries are used to create shadow DOM boundaries. This further disintegrate the components of individual JavaScript libraries. Due to the presence of shadow DOM, web browsers can deliberately deliver documents encrypted with HTML tags such as; div, select and input. Hence, in spite of being an interpreted programming language, JavaScript helps the programmers to simplify the applications’ composition.


  4. Use of MEAN Stack: The developers can further simplify the development process by leveraging the four components of MEAN stack – MongoDB, Express.js, Angular.js, and Node.js. MongoDB is a newly defined NoSQL database. Angular.js is a well-known JavaScript framework supported by Google. Node.js is a cross-platform and designed as a server-side runtime environment. Whereas, Express.js is a web application framework that includes certain features to simplify development of a website with a single page or multiple pages. What is the role of these four components of MEAN stack? These allow the professionals to write both front-end and back-end of a website in JavaScript.


  5. Responsive Web Design: It is hard to draw the attention of potential users if the website is not responsive and attractive. And as you know, to build a strong brand impression and to thrive in this competitive market, these are the most fundamental elements just after the business logo. That is the reason why most developers look for a responsive web design to make them accessible. Such responsive websites can only be obtained by using JavaScript. JavaScript is usually blended with CSS3 and HTML5. These enable the professional web designers to create a perfect website for both computers and mobile devices. Hence, it is quite essential for the developers to use JavaScript to create such web pages.


  6. Google AMP Project: AMP is the abbreviation form of Accelerated Mobile Pages. To create websites that can be run on varying mobile devices, Google has introduced the AMP project. It has integrated several optimization techniques to amplify the loading speed of the mobile web pages. But the project fails in delivering the exact output unless the AMP technology is integrated with HTML5, CSS3, and JavaScript. This is where the role of web developers comes in. So, as you can see, here also JavaScript is the main ingredient for the web developers to bring out the featured output.


  7. Use of Transcompilers: Every stick has two ends. Likewise, JavaScript also fails in providing some robust features. These features are easily obtained from other programming languages like Java and C#. But is it the end to the story? A professional web developer can easily extend the features of JavaScript. This can be done by using transcompilers or transpilers like CoffeeScript, TypeScript, DukeScript, and Vaadin. Each transpiler is used to meet different requirements of large applications. However, this process may seem to be helpful but at the same time makes the workflow complex.


  8. Use of Libraries and Frameworks: The same goes for the functionality of JavaScript. To extend the use of it, developers can easily make use of its number of libraries and frameworks. The featured JavaScript libraries hold AngualrJS, React.js, and Ember. These allow the professional JavaScript web developers to add functionality to complex web apps without writing any extra code. There are even some open source tools like NPM, that can be used to install and manage all JavaScript libraries.

So, hope this article is enough to let you know why developers need to learn JavaScript. But, unless you are getting a professional web developer you can’t meet your business requirements. There are several web development companies residing in USA, Australia, India and all other places across the globe. Your first step is to check out the company’s authenticity, it’s experience and achievements, to get the most effective output.