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Why is a responsive website important for SEO In 2019?



Search engine optimization does related to content research, content development and appropriate keyword usage but there are several other factors which effect SEO ranks. Smart website owners are always aware of the factors which would improve or adversely affect the performance of their websites. On the other hand, if you are not well aware of your website progress, things can become quite ugly in terms of online business. One key area that can take SEO results to a much higher level is the design of the website. To improve overall SEO performance of your site, access prepostseo to evaluate performance.

What is a responsive website and why is it important to have one?

How do people access websites these days? Times have changed and things have become a lot more advanced. You will not see people sitting in front of the computer, using a chair and accessing the internet. This is not the case these days. Smartphones rule the world and people seek the option to use the internet even when they are in bed or relaxing on the couch. This is where a responsive website makes immense difference. To start with, you need to understand the difference between a website that is responsive and one which does not have this feature.

  • A website without responsive feature does not adjust its resolution when the device of the user changes. For instance, it may provide a clear view on the laptop screen but when it would be accessed using a smartphone, the view would be distorted or the user would have to scroll endlessly. This obviously is an irritating experience for users and they prefer websites that are responsive.
  • A responsive website on the other hand does not depend on the device being used by the user. Whether a user is using a smart phone, tablet, laptop or desktop, the view would be adjusted according to the size of device screen. In this way, users do not have to scroll a lot to move from one end of the page to the other. In the present time, having a responsive website is a necessity because people use several devices to access the internet. In business terms as well, if you want more people to visit your website, it is important to provide people with what they are looking for.

How a responsive website can deliver better SEO results?

The best way to make your website successful is increasing the number of people viewing it. When a website gets a higher level of exposure, the chances of getting traffic obviously increase.

  • A responsive website produces the same view irrespective of the device through which it is being accessed. A better understanding can be gained from an example. Consider that 3 users are accessing your website at the same time. The first user us using a laptop with 17 inch screen, one is using a smartphone with 5 inch screen and the third is using a desktop machine. The page size of your website will adjust automatically according to the screen size each user is using. This simply means that the user would not have to scroll to move to the top or bottom of the page. This obviously means that every user would be able to access your website without any inconvenience.

Get more conversions and generate more business

People have very busy routines these days and they prefer doing multiple tasks while being on the move. Purchasing things online is one of them. Consider that you suddenly remember that you have to purchase a birthday gift online while you are waiting for a conference to end. This is obviously very easy if you are using a smartphone and the desired product website is responsive. You would not have to scroll from one end of the page to the other to add products to the cart, proceed to checkout and use other features. A responsive website obviously expands or contracts the page size of the website according to the screen size.

  • If a website provides a suitable view on smartphones, it would be much easier for people to use it. When more people would be conveniently accessing your website, you would be generating more business. This would obviously help you in growing as a brand. For any website owner, this is the biggest matter of concern. They use multiple techniques to earn from their websites. If your website is responsive, consider the job done.

Better page loading speed with responsive websites

Over the period of time, Google has always been emphasizing on faster websites with shorter page loading time durations. A responsive website is optimized for mobile phones. Hence, considering the fact that the smartphones do not have as powerful memory specifications as laptops and desktops, these websites load at a faster pace.

  • In accordance with Google policies, websites get ranked on the basis of multiple parameters including the loading speed they have. Websites which are slower get ranked on the lower positions. Similarly, if you have a quick responsive website, you would not have to be apprehensive about getting a high SEO rank.
  • In business terms, you can earn money from a website easily if a high percentage of people find it convenient. As a responsive website can be accessed through multiple devices, more people are able to view your product line. The sales volumes of a brand depend on how many people are able to access a website. If ten people are accessing your website conveniently, the chances of someone purchasing a product would be low. Comparatively, if 50 people are able to access it, the probability of generating a sale would be much higher. Hence, in a nutshell, a responsive website plays an important role in improving the business volumes.


Can a human being breathe without oxygen? The answer to this question is no. Similarly, websites can be created without search engine optimization but they surely cannot excel. Thus, once your website has been created, you should execute top notch SEO procedures so that it can grow at a fast pace. Getting traffic is the first thing website owners have to focus on. Your aim should be to promote the website to maximum possible people.

  • Having a responsive website obviously assists in promoting it to maximum possible people. This is simply because responsive websites are viewed clearly by every user irrespective of the device he is using. Hence, in business terms, having a responsive website is definitely a plus point.
  • Responsive websites load in quick time as they are optimized for smart phones. On the other hand, if a website is not responsive, users have to wait for long durations and this discourages them to make a second visit.