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Why choose Alutech’s Natural Stone Tile?



By far we have spoken a lot about the various advantages of using Aluminium Composite Panel. We have also talked about the various Aluminium Composite panels available in the market and why Alutech is the best provider of Galaxy Aluminium Composite panel sheet. Now, we will shift our focus from ACP to the Natural Stone Tiles and will sort out some of the essentials points to consider before you buy them.

When you want to give an elegant and a luxurious feel to your floor, nothing can be better than the Natural Stone Tile. By natural stone, we mean the different kinds of mountain-born substances which are completely opposite to the man-made stone products. You can choose from a verity of natural stone tile like marble limestone, slate, granite, travertine, and also sandstone. Each one of them acquires different properties. You have to be careful while choosing the correct type of natural stone flooring because you have to choose it according to your location.

Now, let us look into the factors you should consider before purchasing one of them.

The absorption rating:

This will tell you how porous your natural stone tile is. Depending on its absorption quality, the susceptible quality of the stone will be known. It will not let your floor crack. If you want to choose the more absorption natural stone tile, then our suggestion would be to choose sandstone natural stone tile, it absorbs the highest amount of water and the most porous out of the rest. The next is the limestone, slate, and travertine which has medium absorbency rate. Granite, however, is waterproof.

The Grade of the natural stone tile:

The natural stonetile can be categorized under three grades. It will tell you about the shape, size, and the thickness of each tile. This is how the grading system is done:

• Grade 1: It refers to uniformity in the material and also tells you about the high-quality natural stone tile.

• Grade 2: It will have some chips, minor defects and even scratches on the surface of the tile.

• Grade 3: Grade 3 is given to those tiles which have major defects, like in the shape, size, surface.

Indoor vs. Outdoor stone tile:

There are a few natural stone tiles which are more suitable for outdoor applications and some for the indoors. The points we have talked about above will help you to determine which will be good for open spaces and which one should be used in the inside. What you need to keep in mind is the coefficient of friction factor, if it low then the tile will be more prone to slipping hazards. Rain and storm will definitely make them slippery. Also, the non-vitreous material will catch stains very easily.


It takes millions of years for the natural stone minerals to form and they are formed beneath the earth and are found to have different kinds of desperate elements. You will sometimes find iron in them making the surface look bright red and amber in colour. While being outside these tiles can oxidize, which means it is susceptible to rusting and, in some time, the entire tile will degenerate.

The benefits of using natural stone tile:

Let us talk about some of the benefits of high-quality natural stone tiles.

• Natural stone is a unique creation of mother earth and each type of natural stone tile comes with a unique identity. It gives an aesthetic look to your entire house.

• Its connection to nature can give an eternal connection and feel to the natural world. The other superficial materials can’t give you that feeling.

• Natural stone tiles are environmentally friendly and non-polluting and as the name suggests is natural as well.