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What You Need to Open a Bank Account in Dubai



Open a Bank Account in Dubai

Banking in Dubai made easy! Here we will discuss what is needed to open a bank account in Dubai, whether it is for business travel or relocation to Dubai, it has never been easier to open a bank account in Dubai. Here’s what you need to open a bank account:

  • An original signed and completed application form
  • Your original Emirates ID
  • Your original passport with a valid residence visa
  • A salary certificate from your employer.

Open a Bank Account in Dubai

You have options if you want to open a bank account in Dubai. For your daily banking needs, a current account is recommended. A current account gives you flexible and convenient banking. If you open a current account with Union National Bank, you will receive a personalised cheque book and a debit card free of charge. Their current account also offers you low balance requirements, overdraft facilities and no transaction charges. Manage your banking with standing instructions and access to mobile banking. Another option for a current account is ADIB. Their current account is available in AED, US Dollar and GBP. Opening an AED account comes with a free cheque book. ADIB also offers a complimentary debit card and free transactions at their tellers and branch ATMs. Their mobile, Internet and telephone banking offer you 24/7 banking. More benefits include setting up standing instructions and free-of-charge e-statements.

Apply online, over the phone or visit the nearest branch

For personalised financial management in Dubai, open a bank account today. Simply visit the branch closest to you. Bring the necessary documents with you. Alternatively, give your chosen bank a call or apply online. If you choose to phone the bank, a friendly employee will talk you through the process. If you apply online, there are simple step-by-step instructions for you to follow. Keep your life organised with flexible and easy to use options for money management. Whatever your banking needs may be, choose the bank best suited to you. Your bank should also be able to give you advice on how to manage your money effectively. Are you interested in opening an account? Read more about how you can benefit from a current account.