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What are the best ways to take CBD?



CBD is currently enjoying a reputation of a world-class anxiety reliever and pain reliever (plus so much more), in part due to how safe it is. Even very high doses of CBD are considered safe by experts (even 1500mg daily), who explain that the body is excellent at managing it due to its endocannabinoid system. Another great thing about CBD is that there are so many ways to take it, so if you need it, you’re bound to find a way of taking it that’s comfortable and suits your schedule. Here are some of the best ways you can take CBD. 


Edibles are easy to transport around and are highly enjoyable to use. CBD is combined with fruit candies, chocolate-covered nuts, honey, cake-pops, and even cakes. The possibilities are endless. If you can combine CBD oil with any food, you can even make edibles at home. Edibles typically take longer to affect, but as a result, can last longer than inhalation, buccal absorption, or sublingual absorption. A benefit of edibles that many enjoy is that you don’t have to dose it yourself – dosage is premeasured. 

Oils and Tinctures

Oils are the most popular CBD product in the world, and it’s easy to use but considered less convenient than edibles as you probably won’t want to carry around a bottle throughout your day on your person (though if you go everywhere with a bag, it’ll be fine). CBD oils and tinctures have great versatility – you can make your edibles with them and get a lot more control over them due to the wide range of products. For example, Solutions By Dr Dave full-spectrum CBD tincture is great for medicating using most of the cannabinoids present in Cannabis Sativa, which can be preferable to using CBD isolate for conditions like anxiety, gastrointestinal disorders and neurological disorders like epilepsy. This is due to the entourage effect. 

Vape Pens

Vape pens are easy – they heat CBD vape oil, evaporate it and allow for its inhalation. They can be disposable and used with no mess if you want to try CBD to see if it works for you. Inhalation allows the molecule to be dispersed across your lungs (which have a large surface area), meaning that the molecule can enter your bloodstream faster than ingestion. Typically, the effects are more intense and faster-acting, but last for less time. If you’re going for vape pens, make sure you check the oil ingredients carefully before you use it. If it contains glycerol, be sure to vape in moderation, as glycerol can cause the condition known as Popcorn Lung, which has hit the news recently. 

Topical Applicators

Topical applicators are creams that are rubbed onto the body. They’re special skin creams that allow your body to absorb CBD. They often contain other ingredients that can make your skin softer and smoother and are perfect for those looking to get the benefit of CBD and religiously stick to a beauty routine involving skin cream.