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Virtual Birthday Themes for Kids Birthdays




Whether your sweet kids and friends are far off, there’s no reason for you to skip a birthday celebration. You should be grateful for being in an era of quality tech that allows people to meet up virtually and share beautiful sentiments. Despite the lockdowns that call for social distancing, stick with us for virtual birthday themes that you can pull for your kid’s special birthday.

Ticktock birthday challenge!

Pick a little bit complex dance style and challenge your pals to groove to it. As you go for it, make it super fun. Flaunt your moves to a birthday guy’s name hashtag created for the bash. It is also a great vibe for 30th birthday ideas as you bid farewell to your twenties.

Birthday zoom groove

We are in an era of zoom, which is doing excellently in bringing loved ones together. Thank God, a party is possible with this application. All you need is to write a message asking your kid’s pals to join in zoom for a birthday scheduled at a particular time. You should have a theme so everyone can follow.

Dance virtual party

Go online and search for a routine dance, and ask your friends to join you with a link invite. Starting at the same time, follow the virtual instructor accordingly. Go for the most popular and fun types such as ballet, Zumba and rock with them. The activity will bring you all closer, and you can almost feel each other. Make it memorable by recording yourselves and talk about it when done.

Virtual birthday card creation

Birthdays are associated with lovely cards sent to wish a person good things in life. A virtual card crafted by beautiful minds can truly impress a recipient on their birthday. On your kid’s birthday, host the bash online. After the end of the event, print the heart-filled words and keep them for memories. Hosting on this site will cost only $19.95.

Gaming birthday party

Today if you ask a kid’s favorite birthday present, the apparent words to come from their tiny mouth is a gaming product. They are so obsessed that you can’t change that. When you secretly organize a loved one birthday party with few friends going online to play a game like Minecraft, PlayStation, or Xbox. Believe me; it will be the most fabulous present ever. It is super cool, as they would say.

Movie stream jubilee party

Remember the cool series you all share with your friends, and you can’t stop talking about the next episode predictions? Luckily, you can all go streaming in Netflix or share a Kast invitation link to your buddies, and watch together. You can even share suggestions on what to snack as you get entertained, and live chat. As long as there’s parental guidance, you can ask your kid to pick an exciting movie. However, you can steal this as one of your 30th birthday ideas.

DIY baking spree

Make it a real birthday by baking a cake. What you need to do is to text all your friends the ingredients and instructions needed to make your birthday cake. Start at the same time and finish in time. Once done, go for decorations and share the photos. Sing the birthday song to your friend and let him cut the cake first.

Facebook live party

Using your parents Facebook, you can invite your friends to a live party as you host a small celebration with your family. Here they will participate and interact with you. Unlike other Apps, this one is easy and available to a vast number of people as long as the parents cooperate with their children. If you are an adult, it’s one of the most accessible 30th birthday ideas you can plan to do online.

In conclusion, celebrating life is an opportunity you can’t guarantee ever to come again. So, whether everyone is on lockdown, or your kid is miles away, you can still throw a virtual birthday party to make him feel special and loved. Enjoy life to the fullest because you never know what tomorrow brings.