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Top 3 Fitness Start-ups Changing the Game in India



The busy and stressful modern lifestyle has pushed Indians to take health and fitness seriously to keep their bodies in their best shapes to not only stay active but also for aesthetic value. To look and feel their best most people invest a good amount of their time in the gym and fitness studios working their heart out. For the ones who do not have the luxury of time and money to afford to go to gyms take assistance from their Smartphone to work out effectively at home. This widespread awareness and willingness to stay fit has opened new domains in the fitness industry and made global players enter the market accelerating the completion and pushing companies to constantly innovate to give their best. The following 3 emerging Fitness and lifestyle companies in India are truly making a mark in the industry and is one of the best options for successful business collaborations.

  1. Fitnesspapa

Fitnesspapa was founded by Sourabh Kumar in 2015 and the platform has been running successfully ever since. The platform employs a team of credible fitness trainers, nutritionists, and health advisors who help in customizing and building a fitness plan which suits the clients individual fitness needs. The platform also provides 30 different options when it comes to group fitness classes. This start up is based in Bangalore and has collaborated with more than 150 fitness centres to provide the best to their customers.

  1. Gympik

Founded by AmareshOjha, gympik, is transforming the fitness and healthcare situation of tier I and tier II cities like never before. While people from metropolitan cities often enjoy the luxury to go to swanky gyms and fitness studios which employ trainers with incredible knowledge and experience, people from small towns and cities could hardly have access to these earlier. But, gympik has become a fitness discovery platform which amalgamates the power of great trainers, dietician and yoga instructors to provide innovative fitness classes on Zumba, pilates, aerobic and yoga to name a few. And all of this happens at a very affordable price on the screens of the Smartphone most people own these days.

  1. Fitternity

Fitternity has become one of India’s fitness discovery and booking app with over a whopping 65000 registered fitness enthusiasts on the app. The online application was has collaborated with over 8000 fitness centres of various genres which includes everything from yoga and zumba to aerobics and dance classes. The platform gives the unique opportunity to its user to pay as per sessions availed. So the users do not have to invest in a gym membership for one year without even trying it at first and hating it halfway through. So, the platform not only connects its users with the best suited fitness centre nearest to them but also gives them the opportunity to try new fitness routines every now and then to keep them interested.

Hence, we can say that recently fitness and lifestyle leading companies in India have started to come up with completely new and innovative business strategies and models sensing the potential growth of the industry which makes this industry a lucrative one to invest in.