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Things to Know About Air Conditioning System



In today’s world, frequent climate changes make air conditioning a must have a thing in a house or business area.  It is also known as AC or air con, required for achieving a more comfortable interior environment of the area. A machine that works on this system is known as “Air conditioner” that works on a process of removing heat and moisture from an occupied area via a refrigeration cycle. It contains a carrier that treats air inside the building by blowing it across chilled pipes leads to reduce the humidity of the area.

Working of Air Conditioners:

The main function of an air conditioning system is mainly to transfer the heat present in your property to the outside air. It does not create cold air, but it removes heat from the warm air. It has three main mechanical components to cool your property:

  • A compressor (a pump that pressurizes the refrigerants)
  • An evaporator coil (inside cold coil)
  • A condenser (outside warm coil)

The air present in your property moves over the cold evaporator coil, which absorbs the heat from the air with refrigerant. After absorption of heat from the air, refrigerant converted from liquid to gas need to be reversed back to liquid to keep cooling efficiently. A compressor puts this refrigerant gas under high pressure creating the extra heat, which is then evacuated to the outdoors with the help of the second set of coils known as a condenser. This process is called as phase conversion.

It continues until the inside air of your property reaches to the desired temperature. The thermostat senses the temperature and shuts the air conditioner off. Whenever the room starts to heat up again, the thermostat turns on the AC until preferred temperature achieved again.

Types of Air Conditioning Systems:

There are a number of overwhelming possibilities available in the market when it comes to air conditioning systems.

Depending upon requirements, it can be chosen from below mentioned types:

  1. Central air conditioners- Most commonly used in larger or big spaces like factories, offices, big buildings, houses, etc. It comprises of a huge compressor having capacity to produce tons of air conditioning. It circulates the cool air in the area through ducts in the walls or floors.
  2. Windows air conditioners – It is installed in the area of the window of the room and known as “Unitary Unit.” It is having the components, namely the compressor, condenser, expansion valve or coil, evaporator and cooling coil are enclosed in a single box. This is more suitable for who lives in a small space.
  3. Split Air conditioners – This is used for cooling one or two rooms and comprises of two parts outdoor unit and indoor unit. The outdoor unit is a combination of the compressor, condenser and expansion valve, whereas the indoor unit having the evaporator coil and cooling fan.
  4. Packaged central air conditioners – This type of air conditioners are used to cool multiple rooms. It combines the evaporators, compressor, and condenser in a single unit. It is kept on a roof or a concrete slab near the foundation. Ducts running through the exterior wall or roof flows the cooled air thrown in them by a high-pressure blower. It is more used in small commercial buildings.

As air conditioning is more commonly found for providing comfort to people in hot conditions but it is said to make environment hotter by releasing poisonous gases like chlorofluorocarbons and hydro-chlorofluorocarbons. It affects negatively on the greenhouse gases that trap heat and lead to depletion of the ozone layer.

it is essential that the facts about air conditioning systems mentioned above should be known by everyone it and can make people understand about both the pros and cons of it.

So why wait, Its high time to contact a reliable supplier!