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Things to keep in mind while selling your car



Most car owners get desperate while selling their old car and make mistakes which result in hundreds of dollars lost in the deal. If you are fed up of your old car and want to get rid of it as soon as possible, keep the following points in mind to avoid seller’s remorse.

Don’t rush into selling your car

If the first prospect does not come up with a good offer, that doesn’t mean your car cannot be sold at the asking price. Every buyer wants to get away with a decent car for the lowest price possible, but if they are offering way too less than your expectations, consider moving on.

A few years ago I decided to sell my Toyota Prius. It was in really good condition for its asking price, which was $10k. I got tons of offers between $6k and $7k. I was ready to sell it for $7k but then I decided to wait a couple of days more until I finally found a buyer who was ready to pay $8k for the car. I quickly got the paperwork sorted and the buyer drove away without any qualms. It was a win-win for both of us.

As it follows, waiting for the right buyer pays off. But don’t let your car sit on sale for too long, as this might make your prospects think that nobody is ready to buy it so why should we.

Spend a little bit on its maintenance

Unless you are selling your old car to Auckland car wreckers, you should consider spending a few bucks on touch-ups and detailing so that you can easily close the deal at the desired price. Get the major scratches and dents on bumpers repaired, as well as interiors vacuumed and detailed to make your car more presentable and consistent with the price tag. If the logbook service is due around the time of selling, get it done. This way, the buyer will know that he/she doesn’t have to spend even a single dollar on the car and therefore will be ready to pay the amount you may ask.

Selling a car which is a total wreck?

Now most car owners want to sell their car fast, especially when it is no longer functional and is only sitting in the garage, catching rust. In a situation like this, you can sell your car to a car wrecking facility. My first car was a pre-owned Honda Civic with 100k miles on it. I drove it for a year until everything started to fall apart. It turned into ‘good for nothing’, but still I managed to sell it to a car wrecking facility for a satisfactory price. Not only did they buy my car instantly, but they also offered a complementary car removal in Auckland to get that junk removed from my garage.

Not sure how to go about the paperwork?

Handling paperwork is the most stressful part of the selling process, which is why approaching the right person to take care of it makes sense. Getting all the paperwork done is a full-time job with an associated fee. If you don’t want to pay that additional amount, find a buyer like Wreckers Auckland to have it all covered.

If you know someone who is planning to sell his/her old car, this piece of information might come in handy. So, feel free to share.