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The Zirconia Ceramic: Strengths and Weaknesses



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For a very long time, the metal crowns were considered as the most reliable in the types of crowns available. The strength it carried made them stand apart. But the growing aesthetic concerns gave rise to a zirconia ceramic crown.

Today these zirconia ceramic crowns are the most preferred choice amongst the patients. The major reason being that these crowns are made from a type of porcelain and give a natural look. The color of such crown matches with that of the tooth which as a result, overpowers all the aesthetic functionality.

Not only do they look appealing but because they carry the strength as of metal crown. These are the most suitable and viable option if the front teeth are to be treated. They never disrupt the facial appearance of the patients.

Since time immemorial it was believed that there is none other material than metal which can provide the desired strength to the tooth. The introduction of zirconia ceramic let go of all such beliefs. But as it is rightly said that everything has its pros and cons so does the zirconia ceramic.


  • The biggest advantage it carries is that it overcomes the aesthetic concerns of the patients. As they are natural looking, people might not even know that there is something foreign in the mouth.
  • Because of the ceramic material, it can be customized according to the size and color of the adjacent teeth. This will help you to overcome all your needs.
  • As they have the strength of the metals, therefore, they withstand all the chewing and biting forces. This prevents your tooth from chipping, breaking or fracturing. Due to all this, they are suitable for both front and back teeth.
  • The maintenance of such a crown is no pain. You just have to follow your normal oral care routine and the rest will be taken care off. Just make sure that you are gentle while brushing your teeth.
  • Unlike metal crowns which create a black gum line below the tooth surface, they do not corrode and carry any such issue.
  • Being biocompatible, these do not have any allergic reactions and are a friendly and safe option for a human body.
  • Metal crowns may require special frames to set them, but zirconia crowns do not have any such concerns.
  • The materials used for making the zirconia crowns have low thermal conductivity. They are less sensitive to too hot or too cold food and beverage; hence, you can enjoy your favorite delicacies without any issue.
  • Because they require minimal preparation, therefore, a good amount of natural tooth is preserved and even if there is some wastage, it will be minimal. This preserves the original tooth to a greater extent.


Though the disadvantages are negligible yet are of great importance and should not be ignored.

  • We know that the zirconia crowns are of very high strength so much so that it matches with that of metals. But this strength which they carry can prove to work against them. The quality of the material is abrasive which can cause friction against the root and the other adjacent teeth.
  • Since these crowns are opaque in nature, hence, can be visible from a distance even though they match the tooth color. However, this issue is only for the front teeth and contacting your dentist will help in solving it.
  • Also, it will become difficult for the dentist to detect the cavity if any below the dental crown. If they want to, then they need to remove the crown, and only then will they be able to treat the tooth.
  • The other drawback is the cost. The cost of zirconia is usually more than the cost of other dental crowns because the material it uses is expensive. But with various financing options, the problem of crowns is taken care of.

So, after having the knowledge of the advantages and disadvantages of the zirconia, it is quite clear that it is the best option available and should be for sure taken into consideration.

If you have any further confusion on the same, then you can visit the nearest dentist where he/she will guide you on the options available and will help you to chose wisely from the options available.

Iftekhar is a professional Digital Marketer and Health Blogger since many years and now he pens down his extensive knowledge that he gathered working as a dental professional to help and guide people who want to know more about their oral health.