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The Trend of Android TV Box



For the ultimate experience from android, customers have the opportunity to get Android TV Box. Earlier people were aware of the Android operating system in their phones, but this TV box works for the streaming abound purposes. It works best for any purpose and provides the ecosystem which you need at your place. The home media streaming gets done easily through the Android TV Box. Here is something which you need to know about it.

The Android TV Box runs on the Android operating system to run media on it. People can stream Netflix, Hulu or any other software to make use of this box. You can play the Islamic lectures and naat on it to listen to the entire day through streaming. By downloading the related applications to Android TV box, it gets easier for you access it from your phone also. However, note that it will not be working with the iOS. You can read and listen to important Islamic lectures by streaming it through the PC as well.

There are two main types of Android TV Box which have branches. The first branch is the Android TV OS which shows the screen to you. It has the display in the form of the monitor to show what you wish to play on it. It helps you in navigating easily through the options to play the Islamic naat or listen to lectures all day long. You can also control it through the remote if you do not wish to use the cell phone.

The other type includes the version of Android which is tablet based. You can control the navigation through the remote, but if you wish to add the mouse, that will work fine too. It helps you explore it in a better way when you have to download the Islamic lecture and then locate it on the screen.

The compatibility of this box is only with the Android operating system so if you possess an android phone; you will not have a problem in running it. The features will be familiar to you as you already operate an Android system. Download the standard applications which you need to set up the box as it is instructed. You can also keep the side load applications and operate them when you are not near the screen or tablet through your phone. Suppose you are in another room and you want to listen to the same naat again, you can play it again through your phone, and it will surround the entire house. You do not have to walk to the tablet or the screen to change the selection from the remote now.

What to look in the Android TV Box before Purchase 2018

You have to consider some to the things which will identify the best kind of Android TV Box for you considering the hardware, applications and its usage. The streaming box will help you operate it better if you are aware of the components before purchasing it.

Streaming Applications

The compatible of the application is the main key which you have to look for in the application. Keep in mind that the optimized version of the application is necessary which are compatible with Android and Android TV box. You can also download YouTube on it and play the Islamic lectures online. If you have to attend a live session of an Islamic lecture, you can also do that through the Android TV box. Make sure that you are aware of the applications which may fit and play the Islamic content which you wish to access.

Set up of the Box

It is upon you how you wish to set up the box to make sure that you can keep the side load applications aside. You should know how to set those up so you can manage the navigations easily. If you wish to set it up through the mouse or the touchscreen phone, then you have to make the settings beforehand. You should know where to go and change the settings. Once you various features, you will get an idea of how to run it smoothly.

The iteration of Android streaming box fully features with the processors of Cortex and smooth configurations. If you wish to run it on low power, you can also do that to save up the battery of the box all day long.

Best Android TV Box Options in 2018

Here are a few top devices of Android TV box which you might want to consider in the year 2018.


You should consider the NVIDIA shield Android TV box if you are looking for smooth streaming of Islamic videos and lectures. It helps you stream anything you want with the package making it perfect for any household. There are advanced versions installed in it for someone on entry level can also use it perfectly. It has the capabilities of HDR and 4K view of the videos.

It has expandable storage for you to keep a record of the Islamic videos which you wish to save. You can save up to 500 GB data in the wireless hard drive and also delete it later if you wish to free up space. The Plex option is there for you to use for the client devices.


  • Easy to set up
  • Flexible configuration
  • Smooth streaming of Islamic videos
  • A lot of apps to download
  • Android OS support
  • Home control
  • Easy recording of videos


  • Might be costly for some

WeTek Hub Android TV Box

If you do not want to consider the first option, then this is something which you can surely consider. It is affordable in price and small to fit in your house anywhere. The options are flexible with powerful features. People who wish to view lectures or listen to Islamic naat, they can surely purchase this. It is a one-time investment with 4K capability. It is an optimized version for the tablet and applications from Android can be downloaded in it only.


  • Compatibility of H264
  • Preinstalled Kodi
  • Capable of 4K view


  • May require navigation by remote