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The Role Of Ngos In Betterment Of Underprivileged Kids



Kids are the future of India. It is disturbing to find that millions of kids are uneducated and live in poverty. Since the condition is so pathetic, many NGOs are emerging to take care of kids. They are not just empowering them but trying to secure their future by teaching them skills and providing them opportunities.

There are Top ngos in Mumbai that work day in and day night to impart skills and education in kids. These NGOs make sure that kids get education so that they can earn a living for their families in future. Below are a few things that NGOs are doing for kids at large.

Saving their lives

You would find many NGOs that walk in the streets and go to remote areas to help kids. There are many children who die on streets because of poverty and hunger. These NGOs send their team members and workers to go street to street and help kids. Clothes, food and other basic things are given to kids so that they can survive. Not just this, these NGOs even try to accommodate these kids in different orphanage centres or rehab centres. The purpose is to save the kids and give them the chance to live a life of dignity. Many parents leave their kids on roads when they don’t know what to do with them. Such kids are given support by these ngos.

Giving education to kids

There are amazing NGOs that are giving proper education to kids. These organizations teach kids and under take special trainings, programs and classes for kids. Kids are motivated to join schools and take proper education. Many programs are run by these organizations to ensure that kids get motivated to study and join educational institutions. For this purpose, many ngo people even go village to village and street to street and spread a word about the education policies catered by government. There are policies that give free education and food to children and kids even get free food if they attend school.

Clothes and blankets

In chilling winters and scorching cold, many kids lose their lives because of extreme climate conditions. These ngos make arrangements to help the kids live their lives. Thousands of clothes are given to kids who don’t have proper clothes to wear and cover their bodies. Even blankets are handed over to families so that kids can be saved from the wrath of cold. You might have seen many families especially kids sleeping on road side footpaths have you? NGOs specially go foot path to foot path and hand over blankets and other clothes to children.

Medical needs

Basic medical needs of kids are taken care of by these ngos. These run special medical camps and offer medicines to kids free of cost. Many kids get saved by the doctors in these camps. Proper medicines, injections and check-ups in these camps help kids to get through disastrous health issues.


Thus, it was just a glimpse of what an Ngo in Mumbai for child does. There is much more that these people do and save lives and motivate kids to lead a life of dignity.


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