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The Growing Partnership with Distribution Channels for OTAs Through API




The travel industry is not just about selling flight or other transport tickets to the travelers, it is much beyond that. The industry is burgeoning at a lightning speed and it will continue to do so even in future. Since it provides service to a huge population, so it is not easy for them to gratify the requirements that vary from person to person.Being an online travel agency doesn’t mean you can provide service all alone by yourself. By partnering with companies that offer complementary products and services to you, you can increase your sales and widen the realm of your business.

If the goal is to make your business bigger and earn more revenues, it is very important to enhance your partner base. Connecting your online travel business with the largest inventory of airlines, hotels, car rental, bus, cruise etc. empower you to deliver state-of-art services to your clients. To get access to the inventory of global travel content suppliers, you must build a web-based channel that is integrated with travel API. It helps you collaborate with the distribution partners.

Global Distribution System

The travel industry is consisted of travel agencies, travel service suppliers, travel content distributors, travel technology provider and travelers. Millennial travelers prefer availing a perfect itinerary that basically includes transport and accommodation facilities. People visit your site to get real-time data on availability of flights and hotel rooms, prices and discounts etc. When considering companies that can supply you exceptional travel products and services make sure, the fit is logical and long-term in nature. But do you know how the travel suppliers supply their services to the travel agencies and how travel agencies further distribute it among the customers? There are a lot of technological innovations that have taken place and these innovations are enough to distribute real-time information on travel services. Integration of API allows travel product suppliers and travel agents to distribute the services. There are a few factors you must consider while choosing your travel content distributive partners.

Get access to the inventories of your distributive partners


It can only be possible through GDS API Integration if you want to consolidate real-time data of the travel content suppliers. After the consolidation of data, you can store and later distribute it among your customers. Integration of API into your portal, gives you an easy connectivity to obtain the in-depth information on the real-time availability, price, discounts, seat layout, room, other facilities etc. provided by the supplier. In B2B or business to business sense, it is more important to look for a company that can provide you with the exact services you require to satisfy your customer needs.

A sustainable partnership with the distribution channel

If your goal is to deliver service on an international level, you must increase your partner base. You must focus on building a long-term relationship with your supplier, as it not only makes your business reliable, but also creates a sense of brand awareness among your clients. Try to connect with each supplier who can be beneficial for you. There are almost 5000 airlines in the world right now and looking at the variation of traveler’s needs, it has become highly important for the travel agencies to provide all round services to their clients.

Consider the latest technology

Travel technology helps travel products and services accessible to the agencies, so that they can further distribute it among the customers. A well-integrated website or mobile app is undoubtedly beneficial for the travel agencies as these portals act as an intermediary between the agent and consumer.

To expand the realm of your business, you will need a partner, who is DNA fit for your business and also looking for a platform that can bring them clients. You can be their platform by selling their products into the market through a proper web-based channel.