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The Benefits of Offering Online Learning to Your Company Employees



Training and development opportunities are some of the main things that most employees today would like their employer to provide for them. And, offering learning and development to your employees is an essential factor when it comes to employee satisfaction, motivation, loyalty and engagement in the workplace. Most employees aren’t prepared to work for years in a job that doesn’t teach them anything new or provides them with little to no opportunity for progression and career development. This is why today, it’s so important to be proactive in helping your employees to be successful and investing in their development. Here’s why online learning is a great choice for both employers and employees.

1. Fit Learning Around Working:

Investing in a college degree for your employees is one of the best things that you can do for not just them, but also for your business. A college degree in an industry-related field will not only be excellent for the personal and career development of the particular employee, but also provide your business with somebody who has the additional knowledge and skills, allowing you to promote from within. Studying for a degree may have once caused a massive disruption to work hours, but today, your employees can get their qualifications online – studying at their own time, making it easier for them to fit it around working as normal. Check out the wide range of choices available at

2. Cheaper Tuition Fees:

Investing in training, education and development for your employees is certainly worth it for your company and will, the majority of the time, produce a high ROI. However, that being said, if you could invest in the same for less, this would be a very sensible decision for your company. Online degree programs often cost around a third cheaper than campus-based options, and therefore allow your business to invest in the same development for your employees at a lower price.

3. Cheaper Student Living:

Offering classroom-based learning to your employees could put them off from accepting your offer, particularly if they are dedicated to several other commitments. For example, your employees may be reluctant to accept an opportunity to get a degree if it would get in the way of caring for their children financially, or if they would have to work less hours in order to successfully get their qualification. In addition, a degree that would require your employee to relocate could also be disruptive to them. On the other hand, online degrees provide students with a cheaper way of learning – there are no relocation or commuting costs involved and students have access to free learning materials as part of their program.

4. Wide Range of Topic Choices:

Last but not least, choosing online learning for your employees gives you a wider range of topics and subjects to choose from. Compared to studying at a local college where options may be limited, yourself and your employees can choose from a huge range of online universities and the programs that they offer.
Do you offer online learning to your employees? Has it benefitted your business? We’d love to hear from you in the comments.

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