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Role of Litter Bins In Enhancing Public Spaces

Dropped litter in public spaces does more damage than we realize. The impact that litter dropping has on the ecosystem is tremendous. Yes, trash is unsightly to look at. But, it also creates several problems for wildlife in public spaces, like parks, which is why litter bins suppliers strive to offer waste management solutions that can work well with multiple environments.



Ever wondered why people litter in public places? Psychologists have found that the farther away you are from a trash can or a recycling bin, the more likely you are to litter.

There has always been a mix of attitudes towards littering in public spaces. Some people never drop litter and always ensure that their litter goes in a bin regardless of whether there is one close by. Then there’s the second group, who make no effort to put their trash into the outdoor litter bins.

And then, those who will dispose of their litter into a bin only if there is one close and easily accessible. If there were more containers available for public use, the waste created by the third group would significantly decrease. Plus, sometimes, having too few street litter bins can lead them to overflow. The overflowing trash ends up scattering due to the wind, creating worse problems than if there has been no litter bin present.

As seen in Singapore, Dubai, Downtown Manhattan, and New York the more litter bins there are, the fewer people have to carry around waste, and hence they are more inclined towards disposing of the waste more appropriately. Banking on this psychology, Dubai Municipality is pushing to have litter bins at easily accessible points such as bus stations, bus stands, building entrances, exit, parking spaces, metro waiting areas, and pedestrian crossing. Not only the availability of litter bins but also well designed and attractive bins are made available.

Street litter bins with poor design are the worst offenders in many cases. Fully-pen tops for a dry waste bin, subpar quality of the materials used, or an eyesore of a litter bin can worsen a public space’s litter problems.

Different types of litter bins meet different litter needs, depending on their placement. Bluestream, the renowned litter bins suppliers help you tackle even the biggest litter problems!

Bluestream’s SS Piccolo litter bins are sleek, modern containers with a shiny steel finish. Ideal for corporate public spaces, they provide waste management while blending in with the formal surroundings.

The History litter bin is made using high-quality GRP. It has a design reminiscent of historical architecture and can be an ideal addition to romantic walkways in gardens.

The Classic Eco-Friendly Bin comes with an ashtray and can work well for spaces like public parks. Its design uses wood to give it a natural look.

The Food Court Bin by Bluestream comes with a Tidyman logo printed on it; this universally accepted symbol gives a precise visual reminder to put waste in the container.

Our Sulo litter bins range that comes in conventional plastics is a popular choice. Their attractive design, coupled with a high-density polyethene construction, provides a classic appearance while keeping the costs low and providing extended life.

The Galvanized Garbage Container comes with wheels and is ideal for areas with bulky or industrial waste. SS Swing Top Container also encourages use with its easy functionality and draws attention with its unique design.

We also have a range of recycling bins that come with separate compartments for cans, plastics, and paper, etc. to facilitate appropriate waste management measures. The Vega Recycle Bin is one such litter bin for a place with a high level of pedestrians.

Our litter-pickers put in a great deal of effort to clean our surroundings and keep everyone healthy. The impact of their efforts could be significantly bolstered by merely installing more outdoor litter bins. While this would not fully eradicate litter, it would dramatically improve the problem with less litter being dropped.