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Right Eyewear for Protecting Teen’s Eyesight During Sports



Right Eyewear for Protecting Teen’s Eyesight During Sports

Regular eyeglasses can be hazardous to your teen’s eyesight while playing any kind of sports. Any expensive glasses can be broken and broken lenses are the big cause of harmful injuries. It can damage your child’s vision. Make sure to choose the right branded safety glasses for your teen as essential as your beloved is important for you.

Facts of eye injuries in sports:

  • In basketball, you have to face danger in the form of opponent player fingers and elbows.
  • The ball usually travels at the speed of 60 mph or more than that while playing racquet sports.
  • The hockey pucks have a range at the speed of 100 mph. Eye injuries are most common for goalies who stand in the line fire for all the time.
  • Paintball and handball are the most dangerous sports for eyes.

Leagues rule for sports:

Some sports league has adopted the sports rule for safety gears including face and eyes protection. Teens have a habit; they don’t use safety eyewear frames or safety goggles if they are not comforted with them. So you should force and encourage them for wearing while playing.

Specifics sports frames:

Each sport required specific types of frames that minimize the danger characteristics of sports. Frames should make by highly impact resistant material like polycarbonate. There should be a rubber cushion for head and nose for proper comfort and fit.

A wrap style or contoured frame like Wiley X safety glassesare excellent choices for bike rider and for other outdoor activities. They provide good protection from sun, dust, and debris while it is also good for those teen who wears contact lenses. But this wrap style doesn’t suit all sports.

Sports lenses:

Most sports eyewear is made by polycarbonate lenses because this is high impact resistant material. Although, nothing entirely impacts proof than that of lenses. Sports eyewear should be UV coated and scratch-resistant. 3M safety glasses are proper eyewear for sports and outdoor work as well. Tinted lenses like yellow, amber or gold are ideal lens colors for those teen who are most interested to play outdoor sports. They help to reduce glare in the bright sunlight.

Sports goggles:

Sports goggles are ideal for wearing during sports because you can wear it under a safety helmet and other protective gear. Goggles are also good for the teens who use contact lenses and they protect the eyes and contact from all peril things. Make sure that goggles should be ANSI approved that your teen can play in all water sports like diving, swimming.

Perfect fit:

All ANSI safety glasses and goggles should have a perfect fit for all athlete. A teen has a growing age so make sure for proper fit and comfort eyewear for each year. You must check your safety eyewear at the time of purchasing. Both eyewear with the size is too big and too small will create a problem in fitting. If you have too large eyewear that will slip again and again during movements. In case of too small, that will create disturbance and can create a headache after some time. If you are using a strap with safety goggles must have a proper fit around the head.

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