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Revamp your interiors with unique window decorating ideas



A house should have a pleasant ambience and should be aesthetically pleasing. Ensure that you keep the living room clean devoid of newspapers and other paraphernalia. The interiors, especially windows, can give an altogether different feel to the house and add to style quotient. Open the windows to let the cool air flow in the room.

The placing of windows can either enhance the ambience or completely ruin it. It is advisable to have ceiling to floor length windows if your house is facing the sea. Windows, particularly large one’s account for a great view. Instead of blending with them with the interiors, why not allow them to stand out?

Here we have compiled a few handy tricks that you can use to style your windows to make a bold statement. But before that think of you as an interior designer employed for home staging services. This way it will broaden your horizon of imagination and you will have plenty of ideas at your disposal.


Whether you choose a curtain with patterned or plain fabric, make sure it merges seamlessly with the shades you have used for your sofa and other items included in your furniture packs. Pull the curtains to the sides, gather the pleats and string them together on a windy day. This way it won’t obstruct the beautiful view your windows have to offer. While doing this, you can use any of the curtains mentioned below.

Types of Curtains

Netted Curtains

This type of curtains are going out of style but still are good for maintaining privacy of your home. They allow light to course through, but at the cost of hindering the view. Netted curtains gel well for windows on ground floor levels especially in the city when there is no view to admire and your privacy is dear to you.

Eyelet Top

These curtains are the ones that are common and you will find them in all the homes. They are embedded with small holes on the top that will enable you to easily pass them through the horizontal pole. When air breezes through them, these curtains will create a wavy pattern that will be a treat to your eyes. Go for them, if you are opting for a contemporary look for your room.

You can take help from various Home staging services available in the city that offer customized solutions.

Tip: Buy curtains with colorful patterns and motifs if you are going for these kinds of curtains.

Tape Top

Tape Top curtains are pretty much similar to the former except that a tape runs through the pleats, which can be useful to tie them together.Hooks go through the tape and then tether them onto a track running above the window. Choose this type if you want to stick to the traditional approach.

Tip: It will better if the curtain is one with solid colors having light patterns. This is advisable because they will anyway the pleats will be strung together.


Firstly, think why are you opting for a particular kind of curtain? Do you want to beautify your room? Or do you want to be sequestered from the rest of the world?

You may be overwhelmed with numerous options in your hand and your brain may be bubbling with ideas struggling to find an outlet to come out. Get some tips on how to choose the right kind of curtain from Elle Décor.

Don the hat of an interior designer and get your creative streak on to put these simple home staging services to use.

I am Lynelle Thompson and like to write on Interior Design and Home Decor related topics. I am associated with InStyle Direct – a leading home staging and buy to let furniture packages company in London.