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Revamp your home without much investment and keeping quality intact



Doing up your home is one of the passions that comes naturally to women…err…men also!! It might involve a huge sum of money to give that much desired look but what if you are not willing to shell out a fortune and want a decent makeover? There are two ways- either hire an interior designer and let them do the thinking or follow some quick and easy ideas and do it yourself. The only challenge that this revamping has that sometimes it alters the quality of interiors. Before you set on redecorating the home, sit down and make a list of all that you want and set aside a modest budget. You may even check Home interior  design services online or browse local catalogues for help.

One through with this, read through these ideas that will help you save money and keep quality intact.

The customary shopping list

YES!!! Always have your shopping list handy so you do not spend much time window shopping and buying any unnecessary stuff.

Surf DIY videos on YouTube

Put your knowledge of you tube to better use by looking for amazing DIY videos that are simple to execute. It will give you ideas and also how you can carry it out with minimal resources.

Rope in family members and get tasks done

A family that eats together prays together and design the home together always stays together. Assign simple tasks that are doable by members like putting up wall art, flooring, painting and see how it turns into a great bonding time for family. By the end of the day your task is done and family has spent quality time together.

Reuse the old stuff

Do not be embarrassed of using same old stuff as it can change the look of the house. Old fabrics, covers, paints, a rugged mat or hardware can be put to use to create something new and magnificent. Old is gold….like literally!

Take one thing at a time

It is important to take one thing at a time so it does not pile on and create stress for you. You do not have to put in money at once, shop gradually and wisely. Pick items that are absolutely unavoidable and take up tasks on priority basis.  You cannot do everything yourself so set a limit and see how you can outsource some tasks. There is no need to own up every challenge. Divide the activities and focus on what you can deliver best.

Know the best places to shop

When you are tight on budget it becomes important to spend every penny appropriately. If you are aware of the best shops for items and best discounts available, it will help you cut down on extra expenses. Be wise while spending money so every penny saved goes into your house.

Redoing the house sound fun but on the contrary it is a tedious process which eats up time and money, both. Especially when you are on a budget, every penny counts. Strategic planning and investment is the bottom line and if you crack this, you would be able to give that perfect look to your house without spending an exorbitant amount.

I am Lynelle Thompson and like to write on Interior Design and Home Decor related topics. I am associated with InStyle Direct – a leading home staging and buy to let furniture packages company in London.