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Questions A Home Buyer Should be Dead Sure Of



Questions A Home Buyer Should be Dead Sure Of

Buying a new home can be intimidating since it is probably the biggest investment you will ever make. During your search for the flats for sale in Hyderabad (note: I live in Hyderabad, thus speaking of it), there is a chance to get tempted to put the pedal to the metal and make that flat your home as quickly as possible.

But, hey! What if that dream home does not make your dream come true?

Wouldn’t it be heart-breaking? Yes, it is. Thus, please sit down and rain down on all the questions you have. Because there would be many red-flags, you might fail to notice. Thus, here is the homework I have done while buying my home.

#1 Be Systematic in Your Approach

First things first, I am not sure if you approach traditional method like approaching any real-estate agent or looking by yourself with all flats for sale in Hyderabad advertisements, the approach is the same. Start with the legal documentation. Check whether all the papers of a particular flat has been registered and obtained under all legal guidelines from the authorities. Also, it is your responsibility again to make sure whether all the papers and registration document are in order or not.

And, one more thing, ask yourself if you really know the process? You gotta be sure of the home-buying process, current market standards, all the capital needed, etc., Even if you do not know, take help of someone and go ahead with it. Don’t just jump in because there is no easy way to walk out.

#2 Be Crystal Clear of your Requirement

It is absolutely okay to have big big dreams about your dream home. However, it is also essential to have an open mind while you are buying a home since we as humans easily get lured to the things. Your real-estate agent might boast the amenities and specifications that come along with these 3BHK flats in Hyderabad, how great this housing community is, and you will have the best neighbours ever.

Be careful not to indulge more into the HGTV and be realistic about your requirement, i.e., what comes within your budget, where do I want to live in.

#3 Where do you want to see yourself in the next 5 years?

You might be single now but there comes a day when you will fall in love, get married, and one day, you welcome a child into this world. Well, that’s how the human lifecycle works. Thus, you must buy a home which will also be handy in the next 3 years from now. A simple 1BHK flat might seem sufficient now but once you have a family, you should not look out for the home again.

#4 How Long Has Been this Flat for Sale in the Market?

There could be many 3 BHK or 4 BHK flats in Hyderabad but you do not buy whatever comes for a low price. Isn’t it? From the buyers’ point of view, if the flat or house stays longer in the market, they assume something could possibly wrong with the property. And if that has been for a long-time, the seller could be open to negotiating. If you are buying any such home, dig deeper to find out the reason. Do not just go for it.

#5 Neighborhood or a chaotic mess

As much as the housing community and the activities over there excites, it can also have effects of nuisances such as barking dogs(sorry, I can’t stand them), nosy neighbors, irritating odors, bright lights, etc., Because neighbours are more like the friends you make in future.