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Protect Your Rights Related to Personalized Number Plates



It is legal to sell the registration number if it is presently assigned to your car and is properly taxed with a valid MOT. If the license number is held on V750 / V778 certificate, you can sell it provided it has not expired yet. You have to be either the official grantee or purchaser or, have the complete authorization of the grantee or purchaser.

The rules attached to the transfer of the number plates:

All the registration numbers are qualified for transfer. You have to check that your car meets all the criteria before putting in for the transfer.

The following conditions that are required to be fulfilled:

The registration of the vehicle is not non-transferrable:

  • If your car’s logbook or V5 registration document declares that the registration number is non-transferrable, then you can’t sell it under any situation.
  • The vehicle has to meet the MOT and tax rule:
  • If your car is not taxed or has MOT, you can still vend the registration number plate considering all the following conditions applied during transfer administration:
  • The road tax expired within 6 months of the application of the transfer
  • You must be the registered keeper of the particular vehicle during the expiry of the road tax.
  • The MOT was valid during the expiry of the road tax
  • You didn’t put in an application for a refund
  • The expiry of the road tax happened naturally

If the MOT has already expired, still you can sell the registration number if the validity of the road tax is intact during the transfer application, and provided the fact that you were the registered keeper of the specific vehicle at the time of the expiry of the MOT.

The automobile is subjected to the testing of MOT/HGV:

  • Vehicles like milk floats, tractors, etc. are non-testable and therefore, not entitled for the transfer scheme.
  • You should possess the ownership rights to the registration number plate:
  • You have to be the registered owner of the specific vehicle or have the complete consent of the registered owner.

The motor vehicle should still exist:

Once a distinct vehicle is scrapped, the number plate becomes invalid losing all the rights attached to it even if you possess the V5 registration document. If you are thinking of disposing of the motorized vehicle and sell the registration number, you have to transfer it as soon as possible.

There are a couple of ways to own the registration right:

  • Have the number plate registered to your conveyance.
  • Keeping hold of the number on the retention certificate.

Then, once the buying of the registration number is finished, it is essential that you protect the rights as the registered owner. The retention certificate’s lifespan is one year. You have to renew the document within 28 days of the date of expiry. The fixed payment is £25. If you fail to do it, you may lose the number.

In order to transfer the number plate to one motorized vehicle to another one, the donor vehicle should possess the existing V5 and well-grounded MOT certificate. The tax disc is supposed to be current. The receiving automobile should have a V5 and a valid MOT with a current tax disc.

There are some more reasons for which you can lose the rights to your number plate:

  • The number plate must be shifted to the other car prior to scraping or selling the old automobile. It is you who should transfer the number plate before the selling in the matter of part-exchange. Never believe the salesperson and leave the needful for him/her to do a sit triggers a high risk.
  • Before considering exporting your vehicle, scrutiny with the DVLA for being sure that you are following the right methodology.
  • If you anyhow show your registration number illegally, you have to pay a fine of maximum £1,000. The Department of Transport can constrain your number plate. You won’t get any repayment.

The legal way to display your number plate:

  • A registration number plate should be shown at both of the vehicle’s front and back side.
  • The characters should be black with a white background at the forepart.
  • The letters should be black with a yellow background at the rear side.
  • The number plate should be easily readable.
  • The license plate must meet the British standard (or the country’s regulation in which the vehicle is plied)
  • You have to deliver the authentication of the entitlement and identification while buying the number plates.
  • Altering the appearance of the number plate by fixing bolts and screws are not allowed.
  • The characters’ groups must not be interchanged.

Be careful as you can end up in jail or shedding the unnecessary amount of money for illegal display of number plate. Don’t get blacklisted by the transport authorities.