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Neurologist: Why & When Do You Need One?




A neurologist is a doctor who is a specialist in treating the diseases of the brain, spinal cord, peripheral nerves, and the muscles as well.  You should see one immediately if you are facing a stroke, neurological trauma, epilepsy, peripheral nerve disease, etc. But there are specific symptoms which mandate you to see a neurologist immediately:

Severe Headaches

Almost everyone might have a headache at some point in their lives due to tension, mild illness like cold. But if you are suffering from severe headaches like frequent migraines, then it is time to see a neurologist. But there may be some severe headaches like bleeding inside the brain, increased pressure in the skull; you should see a neurologist immediately without fail.


Different people have their limits on what they can call dizziness. And you may not even need a doctor when you are facing a minor issue. However, you may need a neurologist for severe conditions. These are Vertigo and disequilibrium. In Vertigo, you might get a feeling that the world is spinning and in imbalance, you lack coordination or balance. These feelings may have various causes, and some are considered than the others.


If you are weak, you may find it challenging to lift heavy weights even if you try your best. When you are fatigued, you lack the strength to lift something, but even then you are too tired for it. When you are weak, it affects only some of the muscle groups. However, if you are fatigued, it affects all of them.  Fatigue affects some muscle groups, but weakness signifies things such as stroke or neuromuscular disease. You need to be concerned about weakness if it comes on suddenly or changes only one side of the body. It may be a stroke or some other serious problems which needs immediate attention.

Problems with Movement

Are your movements clumsy or unintentional or are you facing difficulty in walking? Many of us may be suffering a tremor which gets worsened if you are a coffee addict. If a tremor interferes with your life, you will need a neurologist. But a tremor may not mean that you have Parkinson disease.

Challenges with Vision

Gradual loss of vision that is associated with aging is best managed with an eye doctor. If there is a loss of vision all of a sudden, then there may be a problem with eye or with the nervous system which needs immediate medical attention.

Challenges with Thinking

If you are facing difficulty in finding words or speaking or are facing problems of memory or there is a personality- change, then you should see a neurologist.

Sleeping Disorders

They are very common, and if your problem is grave, you should immediately see a good doctor. However, if the problem is grave, you may need to see a psychiatrist or a neurologist.

Getting in Touch With a Neurologist

If you have any of these problems, you should see a neurologist immediately than seeing a primary care doctor. Visiting a primary care physician ensures that someone is responsible for medical care.  If you find it challenging to meet a reputed neurologist even in the best neurology clinics in Noida, you should get referrals from your friends who have recently visited one.  Prepare a list of doctors and then check out their reviews on the internet.


Once you have met the best neurologists, after searching on the internet, the next step is to fix an appointment and then meet him once you are convinced about the fee on the consultant.

Sophia Lorenn is a freelancer blogger for over a year. She enjoys reading and writing about health & wellness. A veteran in her field, she likes spreading words about health, fitness, diet and health issues to the world and bring awareness amongst people. Off-duty, she is a lyricist, composing her songs.