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Must Try DIY Eco-Friendly Wedding Invitation Ideas



Weddings are meant to be great events and you have to spend a great amount of money. But there are many corners where you can use your DIY skills to save your pockets. It will also allow you to contribute on must have wedding essentials.

Wedding events demand too much planning but in the beginning, you just have to focus on guest list & wedding cards. You can plan to make DIY Eco-friendly wedding invitation cards which are a great way to save mone and set a tone for your big day.

If you are thinking, such DIY project ideas will consume too much of your time then don’t worry. There are several ideas and stores and online businesses which are offering easy DIY green wedding invitation card’s kit that enables you with great flexibility and creativity without breaking your budget. Here are some examples, you just have a look:

DIY Printable Wedding Invitations

You can use flat printing for most wedding invitations. If you have a good printer at home then you just have to buy simple eco-friendly cards and set the type yourself using a template. The best thing about these cards is you can save extra cards and use them for thank you notes or any personal uses. You can make any last minute changes to your guest list, replace lost invitations, and personalize these cards accordingly without accumulating extra costs.

Eco-Friendly Invitation Embellishments

You can use your creative ideas and add small embellishments to turn a simple card into an experience. You can give it 3-D appearance that will be loved by your guests. Like you can combine a real skeleton of leaf, dry & scented leaves & flowers, and eco-friendly feather to flourish your DIY wedding invitation, RSVPs and other correspondences.

DIY Folded Wedding Invites

Wedding invitations with layers & twists add luxurious & lavish look and nothing can beat it. But many times these accents come at a cost of environment. But there’s a one key idea, you can use DIY folded invitations from plantable seed papers and later top them up with eco-friendly-twist. After your wedding, guests can choose to recycle, plant, compost, or save the invitation.

You can also order the wedding card company and order them to print these cards too. Then you just have to assemble. There are multiple ways to DIY eco-friendly cards at home.