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Motion Graphics- Basics and Uses



Motion Graphics-


Motion graphics are basically bits of footage and animation that creates the illusion of motion and are mostly paired with audio for use in multimedia projects. Motion graphics are displayed and presented through the use of electronic media devices. It extends beyond the most commonly used methods of animation. These can be differentiated from normal animations by observing that these do not represent a story of some sort and is neither character-driven, but rather these represent logos, most specifically a brand’s logos. Back when computers were not easily available, developing motion graphics were costly and time-consuming, and producers had to resort to expensive film-making methods, that inevitably proved to be heavy on their pockets.

Furthermore, there are quite a few companies that have been around for a while now, and they specialize in providing motion graphics services in Lahore.

Motion Graphic Services

Either freelancers or proper well-established companies play a role in providing motion graphic services. However, after taking a look at user reviews, it is fairly easy to determine that the leading Motion graphics services providing company is Lahore Graphic Design. This a company of highly skilled graphic designers that help companies connect and inspire their target audience through captivating designs. They understand the importance of well-planned animations as a motion graphics company.

One of the oldest and the most popular tools related to motion design is Particle and it is used to generate multiple animated elements. Particle systems may be available as plug-ins, stand-alone packages, or as a part of the motion-graphics package. A popular particle system for motion graphics is Particular by Trapcode.  However, stop motion is probably the oldest types of motion graphics that gave rise to modern cinemas, and it provides a unique effect to videos. The main features of motion graphics include:

  • Elegance:

These graphics tend to be more sophisticated as compared to other videos.

  • Formality:

These can have a serious appearance that might catch the eyes of multiple businesses.

  • Bright & Attractive Colors:

It uses a wide variety of colors to make the result aesthetically pleasing

  • It’s Actually Fun:

Well, designed motion graphics have the ability to turn something boring into content that’s fun to look at.

Motion graphics are extremely versatile, and features and ideas can be combined with other elements really easily.

Animation Services:

The animation is a method in which images are specially manipulated in order to appear as moving pictures. In recent times most animations are made with the help of CGI. Animations can involve highly detailed 3D animations or basic and artistic 2D animations.  The effect of the animation is achieved by the rapid succession of images. The animation is much more extensive than people realize. Apart from short and feature films, gifs, and other media, the animation is most commonly used for video games, motion graphics and special effects. Animations are an important factor that companies use to target their desired audience. A lot of animation companies in Pakistan are working hard to provide their customers with the best possible services they have to offer. There are a lot of ways in which animations can help a business. Some of these include:

  • Helping You Stand Out:

An animated video will help a customer’s product stand out compared to their competitor’s product.

  • Engaging with Customers:

Animations are the perfect way to engage customers as they provide a way to present essential information in an interesting manner.

  • Bringing Ideas to Life:

We can tell any story we want to use animations. We can take advantage of this and let customers know about anything related to a specific product.

Final Words:

These two are really important when it comes to advertising a product to cater to a group of customers. An entrepreneur should definitely take advantage of these as these would help market their product easily and effectively.