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Metal Detector Apps – The Best for iPhone & Android



Metal detecting is a hobby enjoyed by millions of people all over the world. Whether you’re searching for treasure kings gold or just want to find some lost jewelry or coins, it can be a fun and rewarding activity. Thanks to smartphone technology, you don’t even need a real metal detector to find lost treasure. You can find a simulator right on your phone’s Apps Store.

Here are the best metal detector apps for iPhone and Android.

Metal Detector

Metal Detector apps use magnetic sensors to discover metal nearby. It’s simply one of the best apps for iPhone and best Android apps that can be found for this purpose. The software uses the earth’s magnetic field to detect unusual EM activity and doesn’t require any additional equipment. If you’re looking for valuables, this is a powerful tool that will help you find treasure hunt clues.

Metal Detector apps are created for Android and iPhone.

Metal Sniffer/Metal Detector Alexander

Available for both iPhone and Android, Metal Sniffer transforms your home into a portable metal detector. These apps detect electromagnetic fields nearby using your phone’s magnetometer/compass. You can even use it to spot wiring and metallic studs in your walls. If you have the right gadget, you can notice metals from up to 30cm away. 

What’s nice about Metal Sniffer is that you can choose the unit the reading is given in: Gauss, Tesla, or Gamma. Your phone will even vibrate when it finds metal nearby. Just make sure that you’re far away from electronics, like TVs and computers, when using these apps.

Metal Sniffer is one of the best apps for Android if you want to go out hunting for treasures. It’s free to download from the Android Play Store.

iSmart Detect

One of the top-paid metal detector apps, iSmart Detect, is designed for enthusiasts and amateur archaeologists. Unlike other apps, this one offers:

  • Tracking of overhead waypoints
  • Object and project tracking
  • Project naming 
  • Stamped pics
  • Archiving on encrypted servers
  • Data syncing between users

iSmart Detect is a great tool to have for monitoring and archiving the treasures you find when you’re out metal detecting. It’s one of the preferred iPhone apps for serious searchers. 

Metal Detector PRO

This Android program is one of the few paid apps for metal detecting, but the cost is negligible and worth every penny. It uses the magnetic sensor in your device to measure magnetic field values. It turns your Android phone into a real metal detector. 

Data is displayed in milli-Gauss and micro-Tesla. It’s best for finding ferromagnetic materials, like iron, and it can’t discover non-ferromagnetic ones like aluminum. 

The software couldn’t be easier to use. Just open it up and start moving around to find valuables. The accuracy is dependent on your device, so if you have trouble using Metal Detector PRO, it may be because your phone’s magnetic sensor doesn’t work properly.

Metal Detector by NETIGEN

Available for both Android and iOS, NETIGEN’s is one of those metal detector apps that allow you to search for metals nearby. The user-friendly interface makes it easy to detect fluctuations in magnetic fields, and there’s also a meter that shows their reading. The Extended mode gives you more data on the magnetic field, and you also have the option to turn the detector sound on and off. 

NETIGEN gives you quite a bit of control over how you spot valuables and view the data. 

Metal Detector From Rayyan Apps

A free Android app for metal detecting. It helps you detect metals at a range of up to 30 cm, but you can also use it to find lost keys or electrical wires behind walls. Like many other metal detecting apps, this one can only detect ferromagnetic metals like steel, iron, cobalt, and nickel.

Whenever it picks up on a nearby metal object, it beeps to let you know that a treasure is somewhere close to you. The software is only available for Android devices.

Gold & Metal Detector HD

If you’re on the hunt for lost jewelry and coins, the Gold & Metal Detector HD app is a great tool to use. It can help you find both metal and gold objects using just your smartphone.

Open the program, tap the “Find” button, and start looking for the riches. Whenever the device finds an item, it beeps loudly so that you can start searching for your treasure.

Such apps work with the help of your phone’s magnetic sensor, and it can also detect how much value of metal you have.


If you’re using metal detector apps or an actual metal detector to find coins, you’ll want to use Coinoscope apps to identify those coins.

If you’re a coin hunting enthusiast, you know that the biggest challenge is actually identifying the items. That’s where Coinoscope comes in. It’s available for free, and it’s known as a visual search tool for coins.

Open your phone’s camera and snap a picture of it. After uploading the photo, the program will show you similar coins to help you define it. You can save your photos and all the information for easy cataloging. 

Coinoscope apps are only available for Android.

MD From Smart Tools

Metal Detector from Smart Tools is among the top free apps for metal detecting on the Google Play Store. It’s used in combination with a magnetometer. MD makes it easy to check nearby magnetic fields and find metals. The Pro (paid) version also has some other useful features, like a compass, car locator, and Qibla finder. 

Unfortunately, it cannot detect copper, silver, or gold coins, like other similar apps. They have no magnetic field, thus can’t be detected using your phone’s magnetometer. But you can easily utilize the software to find other metals and treasures hidden on beaches, in the forest, and even in your house or backyard.

Metal Detector: Scanner for Body

One of the best Android apps that makes it easy to scan your body or the world around you for metals. Use it before you head to the airport, or while you’re out hunting for treasures. 

It works just like a metal detector: using your phone’s magnetometer to find steel, iron, and other ferromagnetic metals. You can even look for wires in the walls when doing home renovation projects.

Metal Detector From Rich Dev Apps

The program by Rich Dev Apps measures the magnetic field value to detect valuables nearby. Results are given in both digital and analog form for your convenience. Along with metals, you can also use it to find keys or wires in the walls. 

This metal detector application works best when used at a range of 30 cm. Some users say that you can even employ it to detect ghosts and the paranormal! 

Smart Compass 

Available only for Android, Smart Compass by Alomobi App is a great tool to have while you’re out metal detecting. If you get lost in the woods, you can use it to locate your way back to your starting point. If you have a specific place where you want to try your luck, you can also use it to help you get there.

Smart Compass is a digital compass that depends on your phone’s GPS and Map to find your position on earth. Its magnetic sensors aid in your search bearings. For navigation, this is one of the best apps on the Play Store. 

What’s great about these programs is that you can enter a location and just follow the arrows until you get where you need to go. It’s an invaluable instrument for metal detecting, but you can also use it for camping, hiking, and other outdoor activities. 

Minelab Treasure Tracking V3

The Minelab Treasure Tracking V3 apps are great for metal detecting enthusiasts. It gives you all the means to capture your most memorable finds. 

It logs your GPS coordinates, allows you to add personal notes, and even stores your best discoveries. You can take and store photos of your findings and access reference information for your convenience. The built-in compass will find your way back to your starting area when you’re done with the adventure.

Old Maps: A Touch of History

One of the best free apps that can help you find treasures of old. Old Maps has over 250,000 high-resolution ancient global maps from the 15th to 20th centuries. Try your luck in discovering locations of lost treasures or possible places to look for old coins and other metal objects.

You can browse and explore maps from all over the world. The app can also detect your current location and show you old maps from the area. It’s like having a touch of history in the palm of your hands.

If you’re serious about the investigation of new and fun places for metal detecting, Old Maps can help you determine possible locations for your next adventure.


These are the top metal detector apps for iPhones and Android phones. Most work in the same way, but their interfaces and features differ. Compare their differences to find the best one for your needs.

Have you ever used your phone for metal detecting?