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Mascot Costumes: All you need to know about the costume fabric and maintenance




A mascot is an effective marketing strategy which spreads the word of your brand’s existence with minimum investment. A fabulous mascot costume is all you need to make the right impression on your potential customers and attract them towards your products instantly. Numerous factors go into the making of a mascot costume. From fabric and design to colour and minor details, every little bit has an essential role to play in this respect. With this thought in mind, here is an all-you-should-know post which will make you an expert in five minutes. Read on.

The mascot costume fabric

Choosing the right material serves as a sensible investment when it comes to mascot costumes. Foam is a highly popular option which works well in forming the basic structure of the dress. The lightweight and highly flexible formula make it breathable, thanks to the great airflow. Since we are talking about sensible choices, specialty foam doesn’t retain moisture which makes it a brilliant choice for more extended usage.

While choosing a fabric, consider the usability to make an excellent choice. You can opt for a delicate one if the mascot won’t be moving around much. However, if it’s the opposite case, then you need a sturdy fabric material for lasting it longer. Keeping the comfort in mind, cotton and polyester fabrics are your go-to options. Faux fur and fleece can also be used to give your costume it’s USP element at a fair price.

Another thing to remember is that choosing heavy or toxic materials and fragile materials won’t do you any good. Also, try to stay away from such materials which absorb a lot of moisture, promote bacteria and would require frequent cleaning. Keep the environment and comfort in mind as well for right decision-making.

Considerations to keep in mind while choosing the fabric

  • The durability factor- When it comes to investing in a mascot costume, make sure that you take durability into account. Mascots, generally, move around a lot which means that they need a fabric quality that doesn’t retain moisture, is easy to move around in and doesn’t wrinkle very easily.
  • The moisture resistance factor- Another important aspect which the costume makers in Melbourne talk about is the moisture resistance factor. Materials like cloth are soft and comfortable to wear, but it does retain moisture which makes it a possible breeding ground for bacteria. Sweat and humidity will make such a dress unhealthy for the wearer so opting for a material which stays sanitary for long and clean from inside and outside should be the aim.
  • The weight factor- A heavy mascot costume will only make the mascot’s work tougher. An easy to move and breathable mascot costume will ensure that the dress is not a burden on the wearer. Pick a fabric which is neither too heavy to be unbreathable nor too light to be of no use after 3-4 washes. Balancing the weight will help you win half the battle so pick wisely.

Upkeep of a mascot costume

How can you forget about this particular aspect? If you are not clear about the upkeep of the costume, handling it in future will be a tedious task. Always remember that mascot costumes are delicate and they need to be treated the same way. Do not wash such a dress in the washing machine as it could ruin the faux fur and pattern. In case of foam made mascot head, use spray spot cleaner to get any spots out easily.

High-quality fabric material, eye-catching design and appropriate accessories go into the making of a stunning mascot costume which will fetch you great business opportunities. Once you opt for expert assistance, you’re all set. Good luck!