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Know the Benefits of Raw Feeding for Dogs




We regularly come across the new findings about processed foods. It is of no surprise that humans have become more health-conscious than ever. And this concern isn’t for them only. They also pay heed to the foods that their dogs are eating because people treat them as a part of their family. This is one of the reasons that the raw diets for dogs witnessed an upsurge in popularity. However, one question that comes in the mind of every dog owner is that “is this diet really beneficial for my canine?”

golden retriever

According to the breeders of English cream golden retriever puppies, the raw food diet for canines consists all the food the raw food only. These food aren’t prepared with hidden ingredients, preservatives or fillers. Here are some of the major benefits of raw food diet for canines.

1. Dental Benefits: Dogs who are given commercial food generally have poor dental hygiene. The starchy ingredients present in these food leads to tartar accumulation and slowly but surely dental disease. One should not take dental problems in dogs lightly as it can lead to abscessed roots and infections in mouth which can further worsen to other secondary infections. These dental problems can also be a financial burden on plenty of dog owners as the dental procedures are generally costly. To avert these issues, you should provide your pet with traditional dog food along with proper preventative care such as brushing, dental chews and recreational bones. If you feed your dog with raw food than your dog can easily get pearly, white teeth. It will also put a stop to fancy dental chews because each time they shred, rip, crunch down on bones or tear flesh, they are going through a proper teeth cleaning. Grinding and crunching bones automatically scrubs and removes tartar and plagues from their teeth.

2. Skin And Coat Improvements: Most of the commercial diets lead to lack luster and dull appearance to the coats. Some dogs even have smelly and oils coats, dry and flaky skin because of these diets.  Even in our case, a wrong diet results in damaged and dull hairs which can be turned into luxurious and smooth hair with the help of proper treatment and care. In the same way, raw diet will turn your dog’s coat into smooth and silky.

3. Allergy Relief: Allergies are deemed as a disease of civilization. It is because this disorder is absolutely man-made and springs from processed pet food. However, in some cases the reason can be allergic environmental factors too. Food allergies can lead to skin issues, eye infections, digestibility issues and weakened immune system.


4. Improves Energy And Vitality: According to plenty of dog owners that raw fed their english cream golden retriever puppies, witnessed an enhanced energy and endurance after
shifting to raw diets. Now they don’t complain that their canine is always low in vitality and zest for life.

5. Odor Clears: There is false misconception that pets are likely to smell bad. However, it’s not true, healthy dogs don’t have bad odors. According to reports, after switching to raw food diet, dog owners have experienced that the breath and coats of their pets are odor free.

6. Decrease In Vet Visits: Happier and healthier dogs are the main advantage of raw diet feeding. It is easier for dog’s digestive system to absorb all the nutrients from the diet if the food is biologically appropriate. This enhances their digestive system, boosts their immune system and bodily functions. You will reap the benefits of raw diet over time as your canine will need less veterinary care and will be away from serious diseases.

Dogs didn’t have foods prepared for them. Throughout the evolution period of dogs, they have lived on a raw diet by predation and foraging. This confirms that raw food diets are better suited by the dog’s digestive system.

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