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How Unique Ideas Can Bring a Twist in Regular Bengali Weddings



He kneels down with a ring in his hand and asks, “Will you marry me?” and she says, smiling and blushing, “Yes!”  This is how most couples begin their happily ever after. If you are a Bengali you just say “Ami tomake bhalobasi” and that’s how your story begins. Bengali weddings have its own beautiful and elaborate customs and traditions but some unique twist to those can make it happier and more fun-filled. If you are aware, nowadays any Bengali wedding planner in Kolkata brings new ideas to make their work unique. These amazing creative ideas can be implemented with no extra expenditure. There are few budget wedding planners in Kolkata who can take care of everything accordingly without putting an extra burden on your budget. Here are a few Bengali wedding rituals with a twist, listed for making your special day an ecstatic one.

Decor that wows your guests:

Mandap is the most attractive part of any Bengali wedding. Make it a reflection of your love. Customise the mandap as per you and your spouse’s taste. Choose both of your favourite colours and flowers. If you both have the same taste, which is extremely rare, use those for decorating the mandap. Generally, the bride and the groom have a different choice. In that case, mix and match those for a gorgeous outcome. Best would be to choose a Bengali wedding planner and you are all set.

Gifts wrapped in love:

Every Bengali wedding is adorned with novel gifts. They exchange just not gifts but also love through these. Traditional gifts include turmeric, sweets, accessories, fruits, apparels, and fish. These gifts are wrapped in colourful cellophane with sparkling ribbons. You can bring innovation to this packing idea (Trosseau) by including funky handmade wax papers or a basket in the shape of a fish. A special touch of love can be added to these gifts by putting a unique message for every individual. Heartfelt messages are sure to bring tears of happiness. This will not cost you anything extra but will pour extra emotions to your very special day. Any budget wedding planner in Kolkata has various innovative ideas for their Trosseau decoration. 

Make your reception a crazy one:

Receptions are not soaked in traditions like it is on the wedding day. So, you can experiment with your creativity on that day. People often complain that Bengali weddings are not that fun-filled. You can prove it wrong by doing something out of the box. A romantic couple dance on slow music and a rocking group performance by the family members can add an extra zeal to the function. You can entertain your guests with different games between the brides and groom’s friends and siblings. Guests love to get entertained. A Bengali wedding planner in Kolkata, like Holydelights will be always full of new ideas to entertain your guests. People never forget the happy memories. Do not just make plans but make memories on your special day. 

Invitation with innovation:

Invitation cards in a Bengali wedding are full of tradition and a reflection of Bengali culture. Give an innovative touch to your wedding card with a Bengali or English poem of love where you can creatively narrate your love story. Some prefer attaching a gift item to the invitation cards adding a smile to the guests’ face. Modern couples prefer simple writing, pastel colours and stylish fonts for their wedding cards. You can make it simple yet creative with an artistic touch. If you are out of ideas, the best solution is to hire a budget wedding planner in Kolkata and leave it to them.

Go out of the way:

No, it’s not about going beyond your budget; it’s about going beyond clichés. Have you heard of destination wedding? This style of wedding is in fashion. It might sound like a show-off but it is very crucial for enhancing the bond between the two families. Destination weddings have a high scope of innovation. You can choose a beach or a jungle or a desert location – Open sky and the essence of nature for your special day. What else you need to make your wedding a romantic one! Holydelights, being an experienced budget wedding planner in Kolkata offers amazing destination weddings at a reasonable budget. 

East meets West:

Modern day couples are keen on exhibiting contemporary styles in their weddings. You can get out of the Benarasi saree draping and choose catholic bridal attire instead. If white is your favourite colour, a western themed wedding can be the best choice for you. If Hollywood movies inspire you a way too much, then just an “I do” will be enough. But please make sure your family members don’t get offended if Bengali traditions are not followed.
The myriad hues of vibrant Bengali culture and its heritage can be witnessed in the weddings. But apart from the rituals, modern couples also like innovative ideas. Bring yourself completely in your wedding. Though your Bengali wedding planner in Kolkata does all the work, you must get involved to make it more special. Holydelights offers amazing wedding packages for making your special day the best day of your life. Happy Wedding!

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