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How to stage your laundry room ?



How to stage your laundry room  (1)

From time to time, we all need to spruce up our surroundings a bit. Yes, home remodeling is a great way to bring some more liveliness into your interior. But where to start? Let’s be honest – there are hundreds of articles out there about remodeling your kitchen. But today, we’re here to give you a few tips on an often overlooked part of your home. Scroll down to find out how to stage your laundry room!

Cleaning is the first step on the road to stage your laundry room

Before you decide to introduce any new elements into your laundry room, and consider any further changes – clean it up! Let’s be honest here – laundry rooms are prone to neglect and can get really dirty and dusty. And yes, we know what you’re going to say – once you start actually working on your laundry room, things are bound to get dirty again. But still – you want a nice, clean look at the space while you’re making your remodeling plans.

Remove your clothing for an open house

And if you intend on selling your home after the remodel, removing any excess stuff is even more important. You may think this is a minor detail, but make sure you remember it. Basically, remove all of your clothes while preparing to stage your laundry room for an open house. If you’re preparing to sell your home, we recommend finding professionals that can help you move out while remodeling. Why? Well, studies have shown that people don’t like seeing someone’s clothes in a laundry room when they’re thinking of buying the house – and this goes for other rooms and stuff as well. In simple terms – when people see those clothes, it distracts them from seeing the house on sale as their own. This may seem like an unimportant thing, but every little psychological detail counts.

Add enough storage to the laundry room

When you look at a laundry room – or even a bathroom, for that matter – there are two important factors to consider. One of them is the visual aspect – what kind of vibe the room gives away. But the other one is equally important – and that’s functionality. And now we’re going to focus on that one. So, let’s ask ourselves – what does a good laundry room need? The answer pops into mind quickly: lots and lots of storage space.

You don’t just need that space for clothes, but also the many detergent bottles and other cleaning and washing supplies. Having a place for those instead of having them out in the open will make this space seem a lot less cluttered. So, check out the room and try to cram in as many shelves, drawers, and cabinets as you can.

Projecting a minimalist vibe

Now that we’ve made your laundry room more functional, we can finally talk about its overall visual style and return to color. When it comes to rooms with a clear purpose such as this one, we tend to recommend a clear-cut, minimalist look. And what do we mean by that? Well, for starters – using bright but not contrasting colors. You want one color scheme here, like different shades of blue, for example. And also, when it comes to colors – make sure the room fits in with the overall theme of your home, or at least the floor.

Keeping with the simplistic style

It’s also important to remember that the visual style of the room isn’t just about the colors. We’ve actually been steering you toward this the entire time. Once you’re well on your way to stage your laundry room, you’ll slowly see this coming together. The cleaning and additional storage make sure that there isn’t any clutter around, and the simple colors enhance that feeling. So, by the time you’re done, you should only have a washing machine and a clothes dryer out in the open.