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How to Revamp Your Office After COVID-19



The coronavirus crisis has led to hundreds of thousands of businesses closing their doors, and hundreds of thousands of office spaces depopulating in favor of remote working. While this disruption has been severe for the economy and difficult for many businesses and individuals to adjust to, there are some silver linings to the crisis — including your ability to revamp your office space with the time that you’ve been given during lockdown. 

If this is something you and your company may be interested in, read on to learn how to change your office space in the wake of COVID-19.

Out with the Old

First, you’re going to want to head into your office to see which of your items are old and worth replacing. In a normal week of work, you’d struggle to get rid of old desks and replace them with new ones, because all of your workers will be using them day after day. But during lockdown, and in a new era of home working, it’s easier than ever to hire a 10 Yard Dumpster and get rid of all those old items of furniture that you’ve been keen to replace for months.


Now you have more space in your office with which to play, it’s time now to think about the walls, ceilings, floors, electricity outlets, and other elements of your office which you might like to change. As you’re renting your office space — something the majority of office-based businesses do — it’s worth checking with the landlord about what you’re allowed to change in your renovation. It’s likely that there are some red lines that your landlord will have mentioned when you signed up for your lease. But, once you know where these red lines are, you can navigate around them to bring freshness and newness into your office space.

New Furniture

With all of your old and failing furniture consigned to the scrap heap — or sold on to other offices or individuals — you have some shopping to do. When you’re looking for new furniture, a great place to start is to think about what was wrong with your old furniture. Were the desks you owned previously too small? Were they unable to support all the monitors that you had on your desks? Meanwhile, make sure you think about your new layout, too. This is your chance to create a more nourishing and exciting office space for your staff.

Finishing Touches

With those main steps planned and executed, it’s time for you to consider what those finishing touches can be in order to really polish up your office for the return of your employees. Will you add some office plants to brighten up the office space, or will you purchase works of art to hang on the walls? Add your individuality and flair to this stage of your office revamp to make your office feel like a home rather than a cold and clinical place of work.

There you have it: four key steps to revamping your office in the weeks and months ahead. 

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