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How to Prove You Are A Socially Responsible Company



Some businesses cause more harm than good when it comes to the environment due to employees as well as customers. These businesses are not socially responsible, and they can be extremely problematic. The problem is that sometimes there are no alternatives or people who would like to use an alternative just can’t be sure that the new business they are thinking of using is socially responsible. 

To gain more customers and to beat the competition, as well as being kinder to the environment, you need to prove that your business is a socially responsible one. This may sound easy, but it involves several different steps and ideas and depending on the type of business you run, and what you have set its goals to be, some will be more useful to you than others. Read on to find out what some of these ideas are so that you can go ahead and prove your business is a socially responsible one. 

Have the Knowledge 

Firstly, if you want to run a more socially responsible company, you need to understand more about what that is going to take. This way, if you have the knowledge in place, you can come up with your own strategy and your own plans to ensure that people understand what it is you are trying to do. By taking an online course in public safety, for example, you can get a much better overview of how your business can deal with it; you can look at this website to get more detailed information about these courses. 

Proving that you are an expert in social responsibility through your website’s blog, through social media, through newsletters, vlogs, workshops, talks, or even through writing an eBook on the subject means that people will be able to trust that not only do you definitely know what you are talking about but that your company is following the correct guidelines. They’ll also know that being socially responsible is of great importance to you, which will boost your profile considerably. 


Making donations to those in need is a great way to show social responsibility. You are noticing that there are people who need help, and you are doing something to help them. Of course, boosting your sales should never be the only reason to help others, but it will certainly help as a bonus of giving. 

Why not go one step further? Rather than donating to charity (or as well as donating to charity), why not set up a specific fundraiser in your business? People will be able to see that you are caring for others, and they will be able to help too through donating. If you can create some kind of event that the local community can attend, the profits of which will go to charity, then you are helping even more people – those who receive the money, and those who can enjoy the fair, concert, bake sale, or anything else. Everyone comes out feeling good, and your business is seen as being socially responsible. 

Establish an Award 

For longer-term giving, your business could set up an award that is given out to someone each year. The prize could consist of money to start their own business or give them a start at college, or the money could be given to a charity of the winner’s choice. 

Not only will you be proving how socially responsible you are, but you will also be encouraging others to do the same, especially if your award is all about social responsibility in the first place. 


It is important to recycle as we all know, and the more we can do it, the better it is for the environment. Don’t just recycle at home; recycle in your business too, and make sure all of your employees are aware of just what they need to do. 

You can set up special recycling bins within the office so that everyone can recycle their own trash responsibly. You can also have these bins in any foyer you might have where visitors will be sitting (not all businesses will have this kind of set up, but if you do, it is worth placing these bins there). 

Even better, you can have a policy that you will recycle any old office equipment in the most responsible way you can, plus you can choose to buy recycled equipment yourself. Make sure if you decide to buy used that you thoroughly check it out and are happy to use it – although buying used is socially responsible and it can save you money, it might also cost you more in the long term if the items you purchase are not working as they should and need to be repaired and maintained. 

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