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How To Make Your Home More Comfortable



A house will only ever feel like a home if it is comfortable to live in. If you can’t relax, unwind or be comfortable in our own property, then you’ve got a bit of a problem as that is the number one reason it exists, other than to provide a roof over your head, obviously.

Ask yourself this – are you always comfortable in your home? If the answer is yes, then fantastic. If it is no, then perhaps you need to start looking at ways in which you can make the house cozier for you, your family and your guests.

Here are several ways in which you can make your house more comfortable.

Upgrade the furniture

It’s probably the most obvious place to start, but if your home isn’t comfortable then perhaps the time has come to upgrade your furniture. Whether it be the s ofa that has lost all its spring or a bed which has given you a backache, replacing the everyday items that you sit or lie on can often help the house feel that much more relaxing and cozier.

Don’t just think of the obvious either – if you spend time in an office or study, make sure the chair that is in there is up to scratch. If you like relaxing in the garden during the long, summer nights, then consider looking at some castelle patio furniture to make the backyard more comfortable too.

Get rid of clutter

You might think that all the clutter in your house is a harmless mess acquired over many years, but it can, in fact, be a major contributor to you not feeling comfortable in your own home. One of the costs of clutter is that it can actually cause stress for a whole host of reasons and if we are stressed and anxious, we’ll find it much harder to relax. Having a good declutter and throwing away all the items that you no longer need can be a cathartic experience that will also make the home that much more comfortable.

Look at your walls

The color that the walls of your home are painted can have a huge say in how comfortable and relaxed you feel when inside. Among the most relaxing colors to decorate a room are blue-green, mauve, beige, and lavender. Basically, you want something soothing and which isn’t too harsh to look at. Another aspect to consider when it comes to the walls is that they have to be clean. You may not notice it, but walls can accumulate quite a lot of dirt, and as such, you should try and clean them every six months. It’s amazing what clean walls can do to a person’s spirit.

Put up pictures of happy memories

It may seem obvious, but a home full of happy memories is one in which you will feel more relaxed in. Put as many different photos that bring you joy up around the house as you like. The key here is the word ‘you’ – there is no point in hanging pictures that are desired to bring other people joy when they come to visit – say of a niece and nephew just to please your brother or sister – if they don’t have the same effect on you. By having artwork in your home that inspires and reminds you of the good times, you’ll feel more comfortable within it.

Always have a supply of fresh flowers

Unless you or someone in your family is a hay fever sufferer, then fresh flowers are a brilliant addition to have in any house. They brighten up a room with natural beauty, and they smell great, adding a soothing and calm aroma. If they’ve been brought for you by somebody else, you’ll also get the buzz of knowing that somebody cares enough about you to gift you the most thoughtful of gestures. If flowers aren’t your thing, then consider filling your home with pot plants instead. They may not have the looks of a good bunch of roses, but their oxygenation properties can improve the quality of air within the home, and that too can make you feel more comfortable.

Get the lighting of your home right

Having the right lighting in a home can make a huge amount of difference to how comfortable you feel. Depending on the season will depend on how you should light in. In the long, summer months you should allow in as much natural light as possible. Not only is sunshine a mood lifter, but the brighter a home, the more comfortable it can feel. At the height of summer, open your windows so that not only is natural light pouring in, but you’ll also have the smell of nature as well.

In the depths of winter, you’ll have to rely on artificial light a lot more in the evenings. Subtle electric lighting late in the evenings will create a relaxed and homely atmosphere, and there is a lot to be said about fire. A roaring fire in a safe and well-placed fireplace will give off light and heat and make the home really cozy. Obviously, not all houses have the facilities to do that, but everybody can light candles to get the flickering glow of a flame.

Make your home smell good

We’ve touched upon the difference that smell can make when talking about flowers and open windows, but it isn’t just nature that can supply beautiful aromas to make your house feel more comfortable. Coming back to a good smelling home after a tough day at work is a great feeling and will take your mind off the negatives of the day. It will also help you relax, which makes for a much more comfortable evening. The smell of cooking is a beautiful scent to be greeted by – and you’ll presumably have some delicious food to eat at the end of it as well – whilst you can also burn incense or fill a bowl with potpourri.

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