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How to Host an Event That Your Employees Will Love



Employee events are one of the highlights of the year for your company, helping to boost teamwork and enhance employee bonding. However, it is not always easy to encourage your employees to attend your event and reward them for a year of hard work, here are some of the best ways to host an event that every member of staff can enjoy. 

Get the Party Started 

The top issue that businesses face when hosting events is getting the party started, with many people viewing corporate events as dull and wholly business-related. To prevent talk from turning to business, you should find ways to keep your employees entertained throughout the night. For instance, hiring DJs and bands from can help you to keep the energy up all night long. Their music professionals can read the crowd and make sure that the night flies by. You can also ensure that every guest is engaged throughout the evening by hosting games and other activities, such as tug-of-war, where you can pit managers and employees against each other and promote team-building skills. 

Get Employee Input 

There is no point in arranging a party that no-one wants to attend. To make sure that your evening runs smoothly, you should consider asking for employee input so that you can create an event that suits their interests. Some of the best ways to get feedback include setting up a planning committee composed of employees who can actively help to arrange the function. You could also send out feedback forms and surveys to find out what people are looking for in an event and what they would like to get out of the evening. 

Reward Your Employees

One of the main purposes of employee events is to show your employees that your company values them. Although you may see your summer barbecue or Christmas bar crawl as a reward, you should also actively try to reward your members of staff. You can reward your employees at events by holding competitions that people can enter to win prizes. You can also hold award ceremonies during the function, which can encourage your staff members to attend the special evening. This is also a good way to recognise employees who have gone above and beyond in their roles.

Choose an Appropriate Venue and Date

From a practical point-of-view, you also need to make sure that you choose an appropriate venue for your corporate gathering. You should check that your venue is easily reachable for most of your staff members. Locations at or nearby, your workplace are some of the best options, especially if you operate from a rural area. If the location is going to be a problem, you should provide transport to enable your employees to travel to the get-together easily. You also need to align your event with your staff’s work schedules to ensure that as many people as possible can attend the occasion at once and that they are not overly fatigued from work to be able to join in the fun.

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