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How to Dress Your Home When Preparing It for the Market



If you’re looking for a quick sale, how you choose to decorate and dress your home when preparing it for viewings can have a huge impact on your success. You may need to make some significant changes to your current style and taste to give it the best chance on the market. 

Here are some of the ways you can better dress your home to appeal to buyers. 

Rethink Your Window Dressing 

Natural light is a huge must for any home – and any potential buyer. A bright source of light can truly transform a space and make a room look entirely different. Therefore, how you choose to dress your windows should be in a way that embraces natural light and makes the most out of it. You don’t want your window dressing to risk blocking a large portion of light and making your room and home feel smaller and less bright. 

Custom window dressing from Wovn Home can help to get the right window features for your specific size and style to optimize for the best effect.

Remove Personal Items

Make your home as neutral and less-personalized as possible. During viewings, buyers need to be able to visualize themselves in the space, and this will be hard to do if you have an overwhelming number of personal effects on show, such as family photographs and ornaments. 

Dress your home attractively and objectively, keeping personal items to a minimum and therefore showing all the blank space a new buyer has to fill with their memories.

Think Neutral 

If you have a bold personality with a penchant for bright color schemes, it’s best to use a lick of neutral paint to go over any overly bold areas of your home. This will ensure that your home still appeals to those buyers who may not be huge fans of bold and bright colors. A lot of buyers, though capable of repainting the home themselves if they choose to buy, will easily be deterred by overwhelming color schemes and may have difficulty in seeing past them. 

Store Away Extra Items Out of Sight

Your home’s storage capabilities become problematic when you begin to have viewings. This is because your usual places – such as the attic space, the garage, or inside storage cupboards – will want to be viewed by potential buyers. Storage space is a huge boon for any homebuyer, which means they may want to have a closer look at how big the cupboards are and how much room they must store items themselves.

This means you might have to fully clear out any clutter you have crammed into your storage spaces and remove it completely off-site – at least until the viewings are over. 

Stage Your Home Like a Show Home 

Make your home look as though it’s ready for a new occupant. Dress your dining table ready for a meal, use scatter cushions to make the couch the ideal place to sit, and switch on lamps to make rooms feel ready and bright. Throw in attractive accessories such as fresh plants and flowers to make the home feel alive and inviting, but not overly personalized.

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