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How to do Scheduled Planning for MSBI Certification?

Whether you are a novice or an expert in the IT field, keep in mind that the certification is the name of the game in the IT field.




Whether you are a novice or an expert in the IT field, keep in mind that the certification is the name of the game in the IT field. Certifications are indeed, a huge deal for everyone. Microsoft Business Intelligence certification exam is for those aspirants who are looking to get expertise in top MSBI tools using MS SQL Server. With this write up, we will walk through the schedule planning to get MSBI certified.

We’ll discover-

  • What is MSBI certification and why it is required?
  • What are the prerequisites involved in MSBI certification?
  • How to strategize the study plan of the MSBI exam?
  • Certification takeaways
  • Demand in market
  • Are you ready?

What is MSBI certification and why it is required?

This incredible suite is made out of ETL (Extract, Transform and Load) tools which help in giving the best answers for Business Intelligence and Data Mining Queries. This tool utilizes a Visual studio alongside the SQL server. It engages clients to access precise and updated data for better decision making in an organization. It offers various tools for various procedures that are required in Business Intelligence (BI) solutions. These tools are- SSIS, SSRS, and SSAS.


SSIS stands for SQL Server Integration Services, which is a data integration tool.

SSRS stands for SQL Server Reporting Services, which is a reporting tool.

SSAS stands for SQL Server Analysis Services, which is a data analysis tool.

Why MSBI Certification is required?

Certifications help in-

  • Setting goals
  • Defining my career
  • Believing in myself
  • Networking with others
  • Getting hired

What are the prerequisites involved in MSBI certification?

If you are looking for the MSBI certification, you are mandatory to have knowledge of SQL Server.

Following are the prerequisites required for MSBI exam: –

  • Understanding of OLAP solutions
  • Navigation of windows server environment
  • Knowledge of SQL server
  • SQL Server installation, design & system tables
  • Relational databases
  • Basic programming skills
  • Reporting software
  • Analysis skills

How to strategize the study plan of the MSBI exam?

As it is mentioned above that SQL Server is primary for the MSBI exam. If you don’t have familiarity with SQL Server, then enroll yourself in SQL Server training as early as possible. It will take almost two to three weeks.

If you are already familiar with SQL Server, then it will only take 45-60 days to complete the whole curriculum of the MSBI certification exam.

Let’s look into the details of strategizing study plan for MSBI certification: –

1). Look through the big picture

The primary thing you need to ensure is that you have your test blueprint, which is otherwise called a content arrangement. Consider your test diagram as a blueprint for the test. With the blueprint, you will know which subjects hold the most weight on the test and plan to contemplate in like manner. Exploring the test outline is your main thing first, to boost your examination time.

Tip: Microsoft updates its exams every two months. Make sure you visit the exam page often. 

2). Expand each area

The exam covers-

  • Plan Business Intelligence infrastructure (15-20%)
  • Design Business Intelligence infrastructure (15-20%)
  • Design a reporting solution (20-25%)
  • Design Business Intelligence data models (30-35%)
  • Design an ETL solution (10-15%)

The percentage shown above is the overall weight of each significant point area on the test. The higher the rate, the more questions you are probably going to see on that content area on the test. So, prepare according to this. 

3). Preparation options

For the preparation of MSBI certification exam, you have the following preparation options: –

  • Instructor-led training

There are several online platforms that provide MSBI online training for the preparation of certification exams. They will cover everything from the ground. Also, the instructor can help you clear your doubts during the training.

The benefit of instructor-led training is, you will not feel bored! You will have a group of people with you. So, the feeling of the competition will keep motivating you. Sounds amazing!

  • Exam preparation videos

You may go through several Youtube channels providing MSBI certification training. You can either take up the free or paid video tutorials at your convenience. Microsoft also provides several certification preparation talks for the candidates going to sit for the exam.

  • Self-paced training

Self-paced training is the best training module through which you can prepare for your exam at your own pace and your convenience. But yes, enrolment in the online self-paced module is required. (Afterall, you can’t be lazy!)

  • Googling

If you find none of the above options working for you, don’t get disheartened as Google is there to help you in this aspect. You can simply Google the topics you are looking for, and you may find various blogs or free subscriptions of the study material related to the MSBI examination. 

4).  Analysis

The self-assessment exam will help you in this matter. Take a tour of various self-assessment exams available on the web. It will enable you to recognize your shortcomings again on the grounds where the tutorials leave off. Numerous online destinations have demo versions available as well. Thusly, you can also try out the quality before you focus on buying any online course module.

Demand in market

There is a huge scope in the market for the progress as a BI professional:

  • Gartner gauges overall Business Intelligence and Analytics Market is set to grow a shocking $22.8 billion in only two more years
  • Normal Salary in the United States for a Microsoft BI Professional is $ 107,000, according to work gateway
  • The interest for SSAS, SSIS and SSRS experts is rising around the world, as per market analysts

Certification Takeaways

It provides the hands-on knowledge of Data-warehousing hypotheses and how these tools help in building up a strong, reliable Business Intelligence solution. With the MSBI certification training, you will get expertise in- ETL Solutions architecture using SSIS, Connecting Managers, implementation and maintenance of SSIS packages, transformations and various procedures, Gain insight on Multidimensional model and its importance, report generation and data analysis through Microsoft SQL Server Integrated Services (SSIS), SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS), SQL Server Analysis Services (SSAS).

Are you ready?


Getting ready to take a certification test doesn’t need to be hard if you have prepared with a strategy and walk on that! Utilize the following study tips: –

  • Study during your most ready hours, based on your body clock
  • Make a study strategy (mentioned above) and put forth a valiant effort to keep it
  • Study with an inspirational attitude
  • Keep hydrated and sustained during study sessions
  • Turn off your phone
  • Moderate caffeine intake is good, but caffeine butterflies are definitely not
  • Give yourself a little reward after study sessions

All the best!

Satya Prakash loves pursuing excellence through writing and has a passion for technology. He has effectively overseen and run individual innovation magazines and websites. He as of now writes for which is a worldwide training organization that gives e-learning and expert accreditation training.