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How to choose a projector for your office meetings



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Digital screens are available in multiple sizes and varieties. These screens are used for different purposes and at different events or occasions. It is a difficult decision to choose a screen for your office work or for a meeting. The main thing while choosing a screen is that it can be viewable by all attendees. the worst thing is to adjust the shape and size of the screen according to space and location. Many projector screens hire companies to provide digital screens for office use and for a conference with high resolution and brightness.

If you have the complete detail of your event or meeting room you can figure out the issue of screen size and location. Here are a few important questions before hiring a screen for your conference or meeting.

The numbers of attendees:

Tripod screens are the best option if the number of attendees is a hundred or up to a hundred. These screens are more flexible for conferences and meeting rooms. There is no need for proper and professional setup for these screens as these screens are adjustable by legs. Folding screens are the best screens for up to hundreds of people. These screens provide a high visual impact and view to all attendees far from the screen. However, these screens are not adjustable by all spaces and sizes as these screens have the legs more than five feet in height. So, these screens are suitable for large meeting rooms and conference halls. If the number of attendees is more than a thousand people then customized setup screen is the best option for it. As you can adjust the screens according to your space and other customized requirements.

Determine your content:

Determine the ratio of your content that you are going to display on the screen. It will help you to get the best size screen for your meeting room or for your conference. A wrong size screen can add black bars or can blur your content at display time. Therefore, measure the ratio of your content according to your screen shape and size to provide the high visual view of your content and images.

 Determine the size of the room:

Large rooms with high ceilings are required for large screens and sizes. You can use multiple screens to adjust the room space according to ceiling height. Visit the venue before the meeting day to customize the setup according to your meeting content and information. Some venue does not provide the space gap between the projector screen and the audience. In this case, it is not easy to view the content on the screens for the audience and for the representation to represent it. Make sure the space requirements for the projector and the gap for the screen to get the best outcomes and results.

Check the compatibility:

If you have already a projector screen and want to use it for your conference or meeting then it is the best option for time saving and for money saving. However, before using this old projector for your meeting or conference check the compatibility of this projector according to your content and meeting room shape and size. In the case of the increased size of the screen brightness of the screen also increased. It is important to maintain the brightness to maintain the quality and visuals of content on the screen.  Appropriate brightness is necessary for the clear view of images and videos on the screen. These guidelines are the best way to find the exact setup of the screen and projector according to your content and space requirements. You can also customize the screen according to your requirements by following the given guidelines.

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