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Health & Eco-friendly Reasons to Invest in a Bidet Toilet Seat



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It’s a shame how prejudiced, or simply ill-informed, people are regarding bidets. These have existed since the 17th, and have originated in France. And yet, it seems the western world acts like these don’t exist. First used in primarily in bedrooms, as a sign of class and distinction, it only later (with the advent of indoor plumbing) found its place in the bathroom. The word “bidet” means “pony”, in French. It reflects how a user essentially rides or straddles, the thing as if they were riding a pony.

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Now, the bidet is not just some fancy French utility or even a sign of luxury. What it actually represents is a cost-effective and efficient hygienic utility that anybody can afford. Below you can find some reasons on just why investing in a bidet toilet seat is a good idea.

A bidet is the best at getting you refreshed

Using a bidet will wash away any extra uncleanliness you may have after going to the bathroom. Even after using toilet paper know that some residue will remain, and you will still feel kind of dirty. With a bidet, you can avoid this issue easily, since it’s basically a shower for your private region. It will wash away any excess bacteria or dirtiness, increasing the chances of you staying healthy, and minimising any chances of infection. Furthermore, by using less toilet paper, you will cause less irritation to that area and will decrease the chance of exacerbating any haemorrhoid-like issues you may have.

Nothing hotter than saving water

Bidets will help you minimize your water bill significantly. Now, this may not seem like it makes sense – you’re now using the toilet and the bidet, using water for two different activities. The thing is that first of all, they don’t really use that much water – basically as much as washing your hands. Furthermore, true, you are using two utilities. However, remember – how many times did you have to repeatedly flush the toilet due to toilet paper build-up? A bidet, however, helps you avoid this.

Ordering from stores like Bidets Online will help you find special types that waste even less water. You may notice that some even have air drying functions, which leads to even less waste of toilet paper, saving up some more water (due to flushing) and of course, saving the trees.

It’s a win, what it does for your skin

Lest not beat around the bush here – toilet paper is not exactly the most comfortable thing to use on your private region. Even if you get the highest quality paper, you still end up with something that is rough and abrasive after continual usage. And things are much worse if you have sensitive skin, or if you have some sort of issue down there. Besides sensitivity, there is a chance it can lead to an infection if the paper is of low quality, and if you had some sort of problem down there.

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Bidets, however, give you a warm jet of water that is much more pleasant than toilet paper. And you can be pretty certain that most modern bidets can allow you to adjust the temperature of the water. And a bidet is absolutely perfect for people with haemorrhoids since cool water can help soothe the irritation. It can also prevent the future formation of any issues that may occur.

Using a bidet, they say, keeps the plumber away

One of the more annoying issues that can occur in the bathroom is your toilet clogging up. No matter how expensive the bowl, or how amazing the plumbing is, you will after some time end up with a clogged toilet. And of course, the culprit is toilet paper. Who knew that stuffing tissues and softwood soaked in water into tight areas would be a bad idea? And then you end up with unclogging the toilet by yourself or wasting money on a plumber. Using a bidet means that you will minimize your toilet paper usage.

This also means that you will save the trees since buying less toilet paper means having fewer trees chopped down in order to make it.


t’s a shame bidets are not as appreciated as they should be. These magical contraptions do wonders for your health and help you avoid common irritants and issues caused by toilet paper usage. Furthermore, they can help you save the environment by using less water (due to less flushing) and cutting down fewer trees. Another great benefit of these magical French ponies is that you will save money on a plumber, and will get a lot less grief on a daily basis. But, above all, a good bidet will keep you refreshed and cool all day long.

Sarah Jessica Smith is a young blogger from Sydney. She is in love with life and all the things that can make her daily routine easier. She loves to write about home improvement, lifestyle, and all the small things that make life such a great adventure.