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Get Detail Information about Aqua Water Purifier Features and Advantages




With the technology development in the field of water purifier manufacturer, the people can find out brand water purifier in the market with exclusive and new updated features. However, aqua water purifier stands and the first choice of people which can purifier the water with the help of the RO & UV purifier.

At present Aquaguard is the top-notch choice due to its stylish look and amazing performance at the time of the water purification process. It inbuilt with the stunning features so it can assure to trap all sort of the impurities presented in the water and make water complete free form the germ and other pollutants. With the help of the triple protection RO+ UV, it can remove significant germs in the water. Apart from that, it built with the TDS regulator, which ensures that the water has enough amount of the mineral in the water. The RO UV water purifier developed with multi-stage purification process, and it makes sure that the water is entirely pure, safer, and free form all type of the chemical and other dust in the water.

Built with smart sensor support

The aqua water purifier boosted with an intelligent sensor that assists in sensing the water level at every time and in case the water level is at low, which automatically run without going for any manual operation. This water purifier always makes take full of water so that you can access the even flow of water supply with pure and safe. Hope the people can have water at any time without meeting any risk and trouble if it.

Top features of aqua guard RO+UV

  •         This technology assures to deliver safer water to drink, and it built with the error indication features that support to indicate at the time of inappropriate operation.
  •         Storage capacity: it is applicable to store up to 7 liters for drinking water
  •         I-Filter TM assist in removing unwanted particle from water
  •         With the help of the chemi- Block helps to cut down the excess of organic impurities and also other chlorine.
  •         The Aqua water purifier has mineral guard TM that prevents magnesium deposit and even calcium without any risk.
  •         Taste enhancer gives a hand to reduce the residual organic dust from the water and improve the overall taste of water.
  •         It built with the Biotron cartridge which reduces unwanted molecules present in the water
  •         It made with the adjustable TDS that give support to have healthy water at any time
  •         It built with the UV chamber that assists in reducing the primary type of waterborne that cause bacteria, protozoa, and another virus. Hence you can take pure water at all time.
  •         Fiber capillary tube is inbuilt with the type membrane-based over the technology, which assists in clearing all impart crystal to drink the liquids so it will be more comfortable and relaxed for the customer.

What is the physical and technical specification?

It designed with the size of 316 widths, 25 depths and 462 heights which required less space to install in the small location. It has an average weight of 8.20 kgs and also applicable to go with two option for install types such as tabletop and wall mount. But people always love to go with the wall mount option for installation. This wall mount installation is quite safer than another method. This RO+ UV water purifier has a total capacity of the seven-liter storage tank, which is more comfortable to collect water at all time.

Purification module technology

This water purification built with the updated technology such as

  •         Biotron TM
  •         Chemi block TM
  •         Reverse osmosis
  •         Taste enhance
  •         i-Filter TM

Technical specification

This type of water purifier is recommended for the water from the tanker and municipal water and bore well water. It required having TDS range from the 1 – 200 mg per liter so that the water is 100 % purified and ready to drink. It has a water flow rate of fifteen liters per hours so you can get nonstop water at every time. This water purified required to have 2.0 kg to 0.6 kg The UV lamp life is up to 5000, which brings hours and the same time it has 230 Ac/ 50 Hz power to function properly. Hope you can try with this water purifier to get fresh water at all time.


  •         It is trusted by 10 million of the families, and around 162,000 doctors are using such type of water purifier.
  •         On using this water purifier, user can get service across 500 towns
  •         Free standard installation
  •         It is certified by international labs as well as the 130 national labs
  •         The India medial academy endorses it