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Few Problems in Marriage That Can Cause Divorce



Marriage constitutes a life-long commitment that is full of compromises and sacrifices for the better whole. There will be then times when there will be petty arguments and resentment between the couple. Yet, such instances should never become a routine as grudges when becoming a routine only hamper the relationship.

Suppose there are some problems in the marriage, it is best to sort out the issue with patience and calmness. Otherwise, there will be more rifts that can lead to a break-up which is no way good for any of the two. Following are the few problems that often tend to lead to a divorce between the couples.

1. Expectations

Every man and woman aspires for a perfect marriage and has some expectations. Most of the times, the reality as opposed to what the couples expect. Marriage is thought of all sweet and tender moments and lovely time spent together. If somehow such moments become less than either of the two becomes disillusioned, the romantic expectations fall short as well.

When expectations are not fully met, conflicts arise that can escalate unless the discord is not sorted out.

2. Personality Conflicts

Different personality traits can adversely affect the marriage and the relationship. If the husband tries to please his wife while avoiding his own needs or does not care about his responsibilities, then these are negative personality traits.

Similarly, if the wife is trying to argue often and cannot make the compromises, then there will be a void between the two which is not good at all.

Whatever the issues arise in marriage, they can be taken as opportunities to learn and grow. If this does not happen, then it causes stress in the relationship.

3. Finances

Many couples argue over spending money, bills and other expenses. There is a budget for everything and if necessities are not fully met, it leads to money problems in the marriage.

Suppose William has a blue-collar job but his wife Jane prefers having branded stuff, then the husband cannot fulfil her needs this way. And the chances are that Jane would argue often and not like having to let go of her choices. Yet, seeing the financial situation she has to act smart rather than putting much stress on the husband.

4. Children

In many households, the sources of disagreement between couples include discipline, parenting and diet issues. A child can be the number one stressor when it comes to the beliefs on discipline that who is more responsible for the different needs and the childcare as well.

Mother has to go through a lot through the day and her sleep also gets affected doing various chores. If a husband is not cooperative, of course, there will be mood swings while upbringing the child. Apart from expenses, there is an investment of time and energy, so children can put a lot of stress even on the best of marriages.

5. Responsibilities

There are many couples who disagree upon the amount of work being done and may argue over equal distribution of work done too. They quibble over who should do the particular tasks instead of sitting down and dividing the tasks simply amongst them.

Like adults, they need to be mindful about the chores and where necessary should be up for them rather than dividing them. If the tasks get substituted knowing one’s ability, then they cannot be managed well often.

6. Time Spent

Suppose both the husband and wife are working professionals then they go through a hectic routine. This means there is a lack of quality time spent together which drifts them apart.
So, any romance or gentle moments are found wanting which should not fade away. For a marriage to last, the couple needs to have common interests and shared activities on a regular basis to remain connected respectively.


Having in consideration the above points, a couple should lead the life with mutual understanding. Discussing every issue with calmness and spending a quality time with each other, they both may spend this lovely relationship in a tremendous manner (while alleviating the problems in marriage leading to the worst end means divorce).

Author Bio:

Sarah Campbell is a former paralegal who enjoys writing about family law and related topics, she currently handles the content for DivorceYes. Her extensive experience as a paralegal to some of the top law firms has given her a sound understanding of matters relating to family law.