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Do you have a hole in your pocket? Maybe it’s your Old Car.




Know when to scrap your car for a good chunk of cash.

If your car fails and you face high maintenance costs, you may want to discard your car. It will be very tiring to pour your hard earned money into an aging machine.

Of course, a new car will be fine, but is it time now? Are you better to fix your old daily driver, or are you really ready to change?

Everyone’s answer to these questions will be different, but if you continue reading, you will find things to consider when deciding whether to scrap a car.

Reasons you should get your CAR SCRAPPED for cash!

  • The running cost is high.
  • High fuel consumption.
  • You can use the money.
  • Your car is no longer safe to drive.
  • You think public transportation is better.
  • It was written off.
  • You are looking for a partial exchange.
  • You are worried about an unethical company.
  • You want it to sort as soon as possible.
  • You want a trusted, safe and reliable company to scrap your car.
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Car Removal Auckland

Things to consider before scrapping a car

When you are at a crossroads and decide whether you want to abandon your car, you may find yourself wanting a crystal ball. Seeing the future will be good to know if you will put more money into your aging vehicle.

But since this is impossible, you should consider the following.

Maintenance costs and monthly payments

The first step you should take when considering whether to dispose of a car is to calculate the current maintenance cost of the car. How much did you spend last year to keep it running?

You should include general maintenance in your calculations, such as oil changes and adjustments, as well as the cost of expected repairs. When you consider the cost of potential repairs, you should definitely take the time to estimate. It’s hard to guess the actual price of the fix.

After calculating the cost of vehicle maintenance in the past year, the number should be divided by 12. This will give you a more accurate picture of your current monthly car payments. Then, once you have mastered this number, you can decide the possibilities within the budget.

Insurance fee

If you think you might want to scrap your car, you should consider new insurance. It is likely to be higher. Many used cars do not need collision insurance if they have already paid.

Provide incentives

If you are considering buying a new car, you should look at the incentives offered by the dealers around you. Sometimes people can make discount deals through existing vehicles.

Replacement option

If you consider using a used car as a replacement after you dispose of your car, you should ensure a thorough evaluation. You don’t want to go from a problematic vehicle to a replacement vehicle.

Current car value

One of the most important pieces of information about your car is the value of its Kelley Blue Book. This number tells you the value of your car now.

You can insert the year and manufacture of the vehicle as well as mileage and wear to get a relatively accurate number. But you should be aware that if your car needs to complete any repair work, then this number will drop significantly.

The history of your car

Another thing to consider when separating from your vehicle is its current state of affairs. Have you regularly maintained it? Has it happened an accident? Is it flooding?

All of this will reduce the potential discount for your vehicle, making it more likely that you want to scrap your car.

How to get rid of your old/wrecked car.

When you decide to separate from your vehicle, it may be difficult to figure out how to get rid of it. Can you sell it? Should you scrap your car? Or maybe donate it?

Sell your car to needy

Some people need a car very much and they can do almost any job. Before you decide to abandon your car, you should see if anyone can sell it to you.

You may think that the trouble of finding a buyer is not worth it, but your car may just be something that someone needs to go to work, so they can support their families.

Scrap your car or sell it to Car Wreckers

The last resting place for many vehicles is the waste yard. At some point, it’s time to scrap your car for cash, you have to find a company you can trust to handle its recycling.

Take your car away

Many people give aging vehicles to their children as the first car. For them, learning some responsibilities is a good way to not take on the financial risks of operating a new car.

Scrapping your can is a good idea and also benefits instead of ending up getting nothing.

It will also keep away junk and wrecked cars from the streets and your backyards.