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Creative Things To Do With Your Old Car




Do you have an old car that’s just rusting away to becoming junk? You’re probably thinking what a loss it is now that it’s not even in the condition to be sold. However, it doesn’t have to be a complete loss. There are many things that you can still do with your car even if it can’t be sold. If your car is in such a poor condition that there is no scope of selling it or if you’re getting very low resale value for your car and you’d rather do something else with it, here are some creative choices for you to do with your car.

1. Sell In Scrap

There are many scrap companies that will pay you cash for unwanted cars. You can get a good price for your unwanted car in scrap. There are many scrap companies that will be able to not only pay you for your car but also help you get rid of your old car by removing it for you.

2. Sell Auto Parts

Many auto enthusiasts and hobbyists collect auto parts of a car and this might be a great chance for you to make some good money out of your car which otherwise won’t sell. You can get an auto expert to dismantle your car and take out the working parts of it so that you can sell them. Once you’ve taken out all the auto parts of the car to sell them, you can sell the rest of the car.

3. Donate It

An old car that might still be in working condition can make for a great charity to a charitable or non governmental organisation. It will be a very noble act on your part to give your car to charity instead of making money out of it. However, do keep in mind that any car that you give in charity shouldn’t cost a lot to the organisation to maintain or do repairs. You don’t want to give something to a charitable organisation which they will need to spend a lot of money on to use. So, if you can, do some minor repairs that the car may need and then donate it to any organisation that will benefit from a car.

4. Make Furniture

This is a very creative way of utilising an old car. There are many companies that make creative and funky furniture out of old cars. Car scrap and old cars have been used to make lots of funky furniture out of them like tables, pool tables, wine racks, sinks etc. Get in touch with a creative agency that can do this for you and you will be able to keep a part of your car with your forever.

5. Barter Your Old Car

If nothing else, you can always barter your old car for something that you really want. There could be a customer interested in your car and you may want something that he/ she owns, so this would be a great opportunity and deal for you both to get what you want.

6. Street Art

If you want to ignite your creative side, you can use your old car to create some unique art installations and street art. You will need a large space to place the old car and work on it. You can also collaborate with some upcoming street artists to create a unique art piece out of your old car. You will have to get some permits from the authorities regarding placing your art piece in a public space or tie up with a gallery that will display your piece. This is a great idea to use your car for something unique if you are not getting a good deal for it by selling it.

If you don’t have a creative side, you can try and sell it to another artist who might be willing to pay or barter it so that he/ she can use it for their art collection.


A car doesn’t remain of much value if it’s very old or not in a good condition. Instead of selling, you can choose to do something creative with it which might be more useful to you  or someone else.