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Are Private Plates Safe for the Car Owners?



We are always aware of our safety. We take ample protection in various ways. For example, we put passwords to our online accounts. We keep our pin numbers secret. We put lock and keys to our entrance doors.

Cybercrime is on the rise. As per reports, many of our pictures have been hacked and used in a negative way. Same happens with our car’s plate number.

Let’s deal with the fact:

The number plate is the main clue to search the information about the owner of the car. The holder may not know it. It is understandable that the number plate is not veiled locally, but the whole world can view it through the online picture.

What are the things that can be revealed through a number plate?

  • Car owner’s name
  • Address

The information is available online and one can easily get it on specific websites and even through distinct paid services. There is no lack of the hackers who are longing to make you their prey and you can be in total darkness.

Be careful! Especially the car owners with private number plates. Your number plates are different from the common ones and yet more tempting for the man-in-the-middle.

Blur the portion displaying your car’s personalized plate number. Use photo editors for the needful. It is very easy to clone a private number plate. As per the law, the plate buyers need to provide shreds of  evidence like vehicle registration certificate. But there are multiple online traders who pay a little money and provide number plates without any documentation.

The impact of cloning is dangerous. There are incidents where armed policemen suddenly convoyed a home accusing the resident to be involved in the robbery.

But, the modern technology is keeping a thorough check of the number plates. Thus, the criminals are trying to get the plates that are updated with tax, insurance, and MOT. Never ever upload your car’s photo with the number plate on the social media sites or any website even if are willing to sell your old car.

Now, we will move towards the effect of personalized number plates on insurance:

You have to inform the insurer if you wish to add a private plate to your car for staying away from cover invalidation. If the claim is made for the full car cost, the insurer will possess the vehicle along with the registered number plate.

If you want the number plate back, you have to buy it from the insurer at the settlement price. If the insurer has given the car to someone else, you have to track down for regaining the private plate. You have to organize it for transferring to the other vehicle. You also have to retain it on the certificate in enough time before the settlement of the claim.

[Note: The registration number travels with the motor vehicle to which it is assigned and not with the person who purchased it.]

A discussion about whether your number plate is susceptible to danger:

The bad news is if the car is vanished or scrapped, the number plate will also recede from the view.

If by any means the car containing the private number plate is stolen and not regained, the owner has to wait for 12 months for getting it back. The policyholder is supposed to associate with the DVLA and their personal insurer in order to make them understand that they desire to upkeep the number plate.

They need to show beyond doubt that the vehicle consists of a valid MOT and tax during the theft period.

Then, you have to pay the reservation fee for keeping the plate in case they don’t possess any other motor to shift to it.

Keep your private number plates legal.

Follow the rules:

  • The permitted front is Charles Wright 2001
  • The characters should be 500 mm wide and 79 mm high apart from the number ‘1’ and the letter ‘I’. The width should be 14 mm. One can measure 11mm between every character that is in the same group. The character groups should be at least 33 mm away from each other.
  • The front plate should contain black characters with a white background. The rear plates must have black characters with the yellow background.

Try not to break the law. Be careful of thievery of your car. Take the necessary actions. Be safe and stand out from the crowd with your personalized number plates.