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Alternative Cancer Treatments: 6 Treatments to Consider



As much as we would all like to believe that a cure for cancer is just around the corner, the truth is that even the world’s top oncologist cannot really tell you when or if that cure will arrive and be available for public use.

Chemotherapy or the use of drugs is not exactly a treatment for cancer, although some of us falsely believe it to be so. Nevertheless, it is one of the many forms that can effectively treat cancer, stop abnormal cell growth and at times, may even set the cancer into remission. Depending on the stage, the location and the type of cancer we are talking about, the result of chemotherapy will vary a lot.
Surgical removal of the affected organ, part of the organ or a portion of the body is sometimes beneficial and may even stop the growth from spreading before it’s too late. A combination of chemotherapy and surgery is often advised in situations where it is applicable and patients have even made remarkable recoveries from such efforts in the past.

Unfortunately, not all types of malignant tumors are operable and the drugs utilized in chemotherapy do not always produce the results the doctors expect. Then there is the question of severe side effects, mental, as well as physical trauma, and the financial burden which comes with traditional cancer treatments. In such circumstances, it is only natural to spare a thought and think of what other alternative options you have to treat cancer. Here are some that you may want to consider.


As long as you do not have a blood thinning condition, or you are not taking a blood thinner to deal with blood clots, acupuncture can provide some pain relief in people suffering from cancers, as well as relieving nausea, which is the most common side effect of chemotherapy in general.
Since it involves making small punctures on your skin with tiny needles, there might be a bit of pain involved, but it should be minor at worst. Make sure that your acupuncturist is a licensed and reputed professional before you book an appointment.

Massaging Techniques

It may sound unlikely, but massages have been linked to relaxation of the body, better blood circulation, reduced side-effects of chemotherapy and reduction of psychological and physical stress.

As a result of regular massage from someone who knows the pressure points, a cancer patient might find it a bit easier to deal with both the symptoms of cancer and the treatment itself. The increased blood circulation and relaxation may also cure insomnia, which often worsens the condition of the patient, interfering with the efficacy of chemotherapy drugs.


Ayahuasca is a South American vine found in Brazil or more precisely, within the Amazon rainforest. According to the findings of Donald M. Topping, PhD, Ayahuasca can be used to effectively treat colon cancer in particular. To see the details of treating cancer with medicinal Ayahuasca and why other countries like Brazil are still experimenting with the vine’s anticarcinogenic capabilities, check the official website linked above.

Vitamin-Mineral Mega Dose

The effects can be generally beneficial to the body, but the direct effect of a vitamin-mineral mega dose on cancer is unproven and possibly non-existent. Nevertheless, an antioxidant therapy with rich nutrients can actually be good for the body as it needs the right nutrients to stay strong and fight the cancer while the drugs do their job.
That being said, there is a significant difference between what is defined as a mega dose and what could be a potentially lethal overdose! Do be careful and do your research if you ever decide to take this route. Also, certain vitamins or minerals can cause deadly reactions when combined with the drugs being administered via chemo, so there is that aspect to consider as well.


Can hypnosis cure cancer? Unless the hypnotists have figured out a way to hypnotize the body and not the mind, one would be inclined to say that the answer is no, hypnosis cannot cure cancer for obvious reasons!

What hypnotists can do however, is that they can reprogram the mind of susceptible individuals so that their threshold for pain is increased significantly. The cancer will still do its job inside the body, but the hypnotic suggestions can severely, if not completely remove anxiety and stress in cancer patients, as well as raising their pain tolerance and lowering certain chemotherapy side effects up to an extent. Given that a strong mind is essential for chemotherapy to work with the maximum efficiency that it possibly can, hypnosis can indeed be very effective in cancer management, but only in individuals susceptible to it and at a psychological level.


Ayurveda is an ancient form of medicine that originated in India and relies on herbal extracts and various other natural ingredients to procure the medicines used in the system. There is also provision for massage, meditation, yoga, bowel cleansing, etc. alongside the herbal meds which some of the experts claim to have properties capable of curing certain types of cancer. However, no reliable data has been found or could be established to give validity to such claims.

Unlike homeopathy though, ayurvedic medicine might provide relief from some of the many symptoms of cancer and chemo treatment, which homeopathy cannot do and has been completely banned in the US.

It is to be understood that a huge number of companies operating within and outside the US often try to victimize unfortunate cancer patients and their desperate family members by offering a solution that just doesn’t exist yet. The FDA doesn’t take kindly to such practices and they are often banned before more people could be cheated, but new ones always pop up. Therefore, always research your options well in advance and never under any circumstances, replace your primary chemotherapy with alternative medicine. Sometimes and in desperate situations, it doesn’t hurt to try out a new avenue of medicine that might help in some way to treat the deadly disease, but never replace your primary care routines with them.

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