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Addiction Affects Every Member of Your Family



It starts out as a recreational activity. The weekend comes and you indulge in a few drinks or take drugs to relax and escape your troubles or stress from the job. However, this type of behavior can quickly escalate and before long, it becomes a habit–one you can’t stop. One this happens, you develop a dependency on the substance as a way to make it through each day. If this sounds familiar, you may have an addiction to drugs or alcohol and it will affect every member of your family, your friends and even your co-workers. Luckily, there are ways to end your addiction through rehab, treatments, therapy and with the support from loved ones.

Revealing Your Secret

Admitting to others that you have a problem is the first step to the road of recovery. Once you reveal your secret, you immediately start to feel a sense of relief. This is a good thing. Exposing what you’ve hidden for some time and taking the first step will help you kick the habit. If you’re unable to admit you have a problem, don’t be surprised if a family member or close friend stages an intervention to save you from yourself.

Ways to Recover

The length of time you’ve abused alcohol or drugs will determine the method best suited to help you end your addiction. If you’ve used them for only a few months you may be able to quit cold turkey with the love and support of family members. However, if you have had the addiction for a year or longer, seeking help from a professional may be the only thing that works. Fortunately, there are many places you can go to get the proper treatment, such as a drug rehab for women. In these facilities they specialize in care and treatment that not only helps you beat the addiction, but also helps you through the painful process of withdrawal. You can see a therapist and find ways to cope with your life, substance free.


Living with an addiction, whether it’s alcohol or drugs, can affect every aspect of your life. It can put a strain on your relationship, cause you to lose a promotion or even your job. Or, in the worst case scenario, the addiction can cost you your life.


Many people who live with an addiction, hide their habit, especially when it gets to be all consuming. You may drink or do your drugs alone late at night or early in the morning and see nothing wrong with it. But the fact that you are doing it in private says otherwise. Then once someone catches on and confronts you, you immediately deny the accusations and get angry.

Life After the Addiction

The period of time shortly after abstinence is the most important part of remaining drug or alcohol-free. You will have difficult days that will test your resolve, even years after you’ve quit. However, with the continued love and support of your family and friends you can beat the odds and end your addiction.

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