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A Wheel Upgrade: Your Guide to Choosing And Using The Right Furniture Casters



A Wheel Upgrade Your Guide to Choosing And Using The Right Furniture Casters

Did you know that about 80% of workers feel stressed on the job? The work environment affects your mood and performance. A comfortable workspace boosts your mood, reduces stress, and elevates your performance.

Your workspace design isn’t complete without comfortable and efficient furniture to work on. And the furniture is only complete if it has the right furniture casters to promote efficiency and comfort at your work area.

Here is what to consider while choosing the best caster wheels for your furniture.

Environment of Operation

Environmental factors such as temperature, moisture, chemicals, dust, or water determine the type of caster wheel that you buy. For example, if your working environment has corrosive chemicals, caster wheels made of polyurethane or steel, are the best.

High strength composite nylon minimizes rust; therefore, it works best for animal lab facilities. Stainless steel casters are great options for wet floors. Bronze bearing casters are the perfect choice for an extremely hot environment.

Type of Wheel of the Furniture Casters

Wheels come in different sizes, materials, and hardness. They come in wide varieties such as rubber, metal, nylon, and polyurethane.

• Hard rubber has a high load capacity and won’t flatten while sitting under loads. It also offers quiet operation and is resistant to chemicals.
• Metal is sturdy and durable and has a high load capacity as well. However, metal casters can cause floor damage, especially when they start to wear.
• Nylon wheels can handle heavy loads and have a high impact resistance.
• Polyurethane has a high load capacity and it resists most chemicals.

The wheel material you choose depends on your environment, floor surface, appearance, and noise level.

Weight Capacity of the Wheel

Before you buy casters for your office furniture, determine the combined weight and maximum weight of your furniture. If you have a large weight to support, you need a large wheel for your caster. The higher the furniture weight, the larger the caster wheel needed.

A larger caster wheel distributes weight and rolls easily over obstructed floor. The caster you choose should be able to bear the extra weight that comes when you load the furniture unevenly or when you shift it.

Heavy duty casters are designed to support heavy loads. They are the best choice when you have a large load to move around. Visit Cater City’s page for a variety of heavy duty caster options for your furniture.

Type of Rotation

How would you want your furniture to move? The wheel’s rotation is affected by the tread width, tread composition, wheel size, and bearings. For your office desk or chair, you would probably need a 360 degrees rotation which will make you swing smoothly. But for a table in your hotel, moving it in a straight line is enough.

Floor Conditions

Hard casters and wheels do better in smooth and soft floors. The soft casters roll better on rough and hard floors. If you have a fragile floor, buy rubber casters for maximum floor protection. But if your floor has obstacles such as rails, gutters, use soft wheels.

Special Features

Special conditions call for the selection of caster wheels with special features. For example, in an environment where casters require frequent washing, buy stainless steel casters. Business machine casters are suitable for office machines such as copiers that require low load height.

Find the Best Casters for Your Furniture

Have these factors in mind when buying furniture casters. Remember to choose quality over price, especially if you want casters that will last for years without wearing out.

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