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7 Popular Destinations for Vegan Retreats

Are you vegan? We have a treat for you! This post brings you the top 7 retreat destinations that are popular for vegan. So check them out!




‘’Until one has loved an animal, a part of one’s soul remains unawakened’’

A vegan retreat is not just going to be an experience in handpicked food free from animal protein. Besides, your ethical and environmental concerns regarding everyday lifestyle are going to get an in-depth redoing. When you feel a need to undergo a long-overdue mind-body detox and induction to ethical lifestyle choices, vegan retreats are where you must enroll.

High on positive vibes, incredibly delicious vegetarian cuisine, relaxation therapy, travel and adventure to some unsung beautiful corner of the world, and a self-improvement oriented ethical routine await your attention at some of the most exquisite spiritual destinations of the world. Let’s take a quick tour of global vegan destinations:

Ubud, Bali

At a Balinese vegan retreat, you will transform into your best self, enjoying whole courses of raw-food or whole-food vegan diet, excursions into unspoiled nature, meditation, yoga, and more. The salubrious tropical climate of the island adds to the entire wellness quotient of a stay here. Verdant hills invitingly beckon, eco-friendly agriculture on the rice terraces of Tegallalang reveal an ancient cooperative irrigation system known as subak, moss-covered temples exhibiting stunning carvings of olden Hindu gods narrate numerous myths and legends, the Pura Tirta Empul or the Holy Water Temple of Ubud with the sacred hot spring invites wellness seekers for a healing immersion, and natural sanctuaries like the Sangeh Monkey Forest provides the perfect space to reconnect with nature and wildlife.

Exclusive highlights of Ubud vegan retreats include cooking classes of the islandic cuisine, healing consultation with a Balinese shaman, and holy water purification ceremony at Pura Telaga Waja, Balinese massage and spa.

Koh Samui, Thailand

Koh Samui is a diverse island with many great facilities for vegan retreats. You can easily scale down your search for vegan retreats in Koh Samui to programs avoiding ‘quick win’ diets, unsustainable fasting schedules, and colonics.

Among outdoor fun at Koh Samui, there’s hiking in the jungle, a vibrant nightlife, and oodles of peace and leisure on the White Lamai Beach. All-inclusive vegan retreat packages here are available with a nutrient-dense diet, yoga and Ayurveda, ice-bath, peaceful accommodation, and juice fast supportive in-house organic cafes.

Batangas, Philippines

Batangas in the Philippines is mainly cherished for its amazing dive spots and enchanting beach resorts. That apart, there are ethnic fiestas rich in colorfulness and performances as in the Sublian Festival held every year in July, bee farms sourcing fresh honey and orchard produces,  glamping in the forests and more in Batangas. You can switch to a full-on vacation mode at Batangas vegan wellness retreat in the backdrop of swaying palm trees and well-kept lawns, enjoy detox cleanses, mind-body restoration, calming water therapies, weight management, and fitness.

Ocean lovers can head straight to take a plunge in the salt sea at Anilao. The waters are a bright splash of aquamarine and the corals are so beautiful it lifts your mood!

Manuel Antonio, Costa Rica

Costa Rica is an intriguing destination that every traveler must have on their to-do and the seaside of Manuel Antonio is somewhere you can make the most of what Costa Rica has to offer. You can find vegan retreats near the eponymous beach at Manuel Antonio with well-chalked out ayurvedic diet plans and a beginner’s yoga routine.

Nature excursions on this retreat will take you on peaceful hikes through the Mario Antonio National Park with flawless parts of cloud forests and the sea. It’s absolutely riveting for nature lovers to find such an abundance of flora and fauna and a chance to see the animals up close, from sloths to monkeys, frogs, snakes, deer, and more of nature’s unending flamboyance.

Look out for parasailing opportunities at the Playa Espadilla Norte beach just outside the national park if adrenalin-charged adventure is your kind of wellness drug!

Tulum, Mexico

Tulum in Mexico is far more than your regular beach destination. There is more to do here than slipping into your beach shorts, lie on a hammock, and sip from a cool coconut. There are Mayan ruins, cave inlets, lagoons, yoga, and streetside tacos to taste and explore!

You will find retreat centers with restaurants dishing up something spicy with a Mexican twist and of the vegan palate. There are retreat facilities with beach yoga studios and a wellness center, fresh local or garden produces, therapy on a one-to-one consultation basis, and induction to a complete lifestyle overhaul.

It’s time you spend a restorative Caribbean holiday, adopt an ethical lifestyle, and also experience a health boost!

Tuscany, Italy

Relax and recharge under the Tuscan sun and enjoy delectable homemade and organic gluten-free vegan meals here in this paradisiacal seaside part of Italy. There are a wealth of secluded private beaches to lay lazily and get some memorably good tan, capture some of the best beach sunsets, stargaze, meditate and yoga along verdant nooks of the Tuscan hills, also, pick up a trick or two of preparing great vegan meals at the special Italian cooking classes!

Marrakech, Morocco

Try and find your peace close to the labyrinthine medina and the buzzing old and narrow streets of this medieval wonderland in Morocco. Marrakech vegan retreat gives you a chance to explore educational workshops on healthy living and detox, receive reiki, reflexology, and other alternative therapies, ayurvedic massage, yoga and more.

Marrakech has an irresistible cafe culture with great Moroccan dark coffee, intricate complexes of the medina where it is memorable to get lost, and the sensational souks where wrinkled Berber men are found selling precious carpets, shaded and filigreed Moroccan lamps, ceramics, leather shoes and bags, and more of retro treasures. Inching away from the chaotic old town towards the countryside, hot air balloon rides are found at dawn– a bucket-list adventure for sunrise enthusiasts for sure!

Exclusive wellness interests include a hammam or community bath experience in which you will be stripped bare, given a soapy rub, steam, exfoliation with fragrant shrubs, and a thorough and strong massage.

The Vegan Movement is one of the fastest growing social justice movements in the world today, become a part of the change.

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