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7 Must-Haves for an Amazing Children’s Birthday Party



Children’s Birthday Party

To give your child a great and memorable birthday party, you have to dedicate a lot of time and attention to planning and preparing this event. Experts recommend planning birthday events at least two months in advance. This will give you enough time to send out invitations, confirm the number of guests coming to your child’s celebration and make the necessary reservations.

Not sure of what to prepare or get for your kid’s big day? Leading birthday party organizers share below a list of items you should have to give your child an amazing natal day celebration:

A beautiful and delicious birthday cake

The birthday cake is the centerpiece and highlight of all children’s parties. As such, if there’s one thing you should spend a bit of time and some extra money on, it should be your child’s birthday cake. Spend an hour or two online to look for birthday cake designs you know your child will love. You can also visit local bakeries to check their usual designs or to ask them if they can create a cake based on your little one’s favorite movie or cartoon character.

You can have your child look at the different cake designs and have him or she chooses the one that he or she likes best, including the flavor of the cake. But if you want the cake to be a surprise, you have to do your research, decide, and order it on your own.

Colorful and fun banners and balloons

You can make your child’s birthday party extra special by decorating your home or venue with vibrant-hued banners and balloons. You can buy ready-made birthday banners and balloons at a party shop. Simply choose ones that come in your kid’s favorite color or in line with the theme, if you have one. Getting customized banners and balloons won’t take a lot of your time as well. You won’t also have to spend a lot to have them made, too. With the personalized party decor, your child will love seeing his or her name and special day displayed in such fun and festive ways.

Activities and entertainment

There are several options to consider, depending on the age group. If you are celebrating at a specific restaurant or venue, ask if the reservation price includes entertainment. Some restaurants offer entertainment options if the event is held at their establishment.

For backyard parties or if your well-maintained lawn is big enough, you may want to consider hiring a bouncy castle. This will give your child and his or her guests hours of non-stop fun.

There are different designs, types, and sizes of bouncy castles you can hire. And with a bouncy castle, you won’t even have to worry about preparing other activities or games for the party. Bouncy castles are safe and can also be enjoyed by adults, minimizing the need for separate activities for your older guests.

If bouncy castles are not practical or if the venue does not offer entertainment options for kids, you will need to come up with activities that the kids can do and enjoy as a group. Hire a clown or magician to entertain the kids after their meal.

An alternative is to organize mini-games for the kids like a treasure hunt. Make sure to prepare some small goody bags with candies or toys inside. Other than using them as prizes, you can give one goody bag to each kid to take home.

Party hats and horns

Ensure everyone gets into the party spirit by passing out fun and colorful party hats and horns to all the guests. These items won’t fail to put anyone in a festive mood.

Make sure everyone has a horn when it’s time for your child to blow out the candles. Ask them to blow their horns while others sing “Happy Birthday.” Everyone will surely have fun during this part of the party.

Great foods and drinks

A birthday party won’t be complete without an array of yummy foods and beverages. Make sure you have a variety of dishes or snacks that kids love. These include spaghetti, mac and cheese, pizza, grilled cheese sandwiches, fresh fruits and veggies with dips, and ice cream. Try to get as much variety as you can. Other than fresh fruits and veggies, you may want to include gluten-free snacks. This provides healthier options for guests who may have dietary issues. If you have extra money and time to prepare or order food for grown-up guests, do so. This will help ensure all your guests leave the party full and satisfied. For beverages, you won’t go wrong with serving soda, lemonade or punch. Don’t forget to get festive birthday cups so that the kids will love sipping their drinks.

Photo and videos

Birthdays are important events regardless of the age of the celebrant. For small events, always make sure that all camera batteries are fully charged. You can have a relative or close friend take photos during the event. If you have the budget, you can rent a photo booth or hire a studio to take professional photos. This ensures you have good photos of the celebrant, the family and guests.


Lastly, don’t forget to get your child some gifts. Add these to the pile that the guests have brought. Opening presents is something every child looks forward to during their so, hopefully, your little one won’t be disappointed with the haul he or she will get this year.

By prioritizing the items above and thinking about what your child loves, you can still throw a fun birthday party even if you can’t spend a lot of time planning it. But if you’re too busy with work or with running a household and you’re worried you won’t have enough time to plan a fantastic birthday bash, don’t stress; you can still give your child a fun and memorable party.

For less stress, hire a reputable event organizer to handle the event for you. This way, you will have more time and energy to plan other aspects of your child’s birthday. On your kid’s birthday, you can enjoy the time with your child, family and guests instead of worrying about details you may have missed.

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