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06 Best Popcorn Time Alternatives For Free Movies

We have heard about Popcorn Time. One of the best media app that can install on the computer to stream from torrent files.




We have heard about Popcorn Time. One of the best media app that can install on the computer to stream from torrent files. Similar to the same, this app can also be used to watch movies online with the help of BitTorrent Technology. This app is not available in all countries. Especially in the UK, the users who want to use it needed VPN to use it.

Best Popcorn Time Alternatives

There are many Popcorn Time alternatives if you don’t want to use a VPN. One of the most suitable alternatives is Showbox. But, Showbox also has some limitations. But there are many similar apps like Showbox that serves the same purpose.

Duckie TV

The most demanded website, Duckie TV specially satisfies the TV shows followers and also provides a personalized TV shows calendar. The various features site shows to connect to the local torrent clients. Along with this, the users remain updated about the various downloaded progress without having a switch to the app. The sources of all the files you can access through Duckie TV are still illegal, if you want to enjoy the services, you have to invest in a robust VPN service to avoid legal trouble of any kind. This website allows the streamers to watch and enjoy their favorite TV shows and the movies in the preferred available languages since the subtitles are also available which comes in 15 different languages.

Rox Player

The following website supports all the types of media, which mainly include DTH, IPTV, and P2P, which allows you to watch any audio and video files through Windows devices. The Rox Player is incredibly simple to use. The majority of the content available on the Rox Player is for copyright content. That’s why the users should have always remain vigilant and you can use the VPN if possible. The VPN enables the user to enjoy online movies and TV shows without the fear of getting caught.


A Russian torrent streaming service website that offers similar content as Popcorn time. It has an incredibly cool user interface, with various customization options. But, with this website, there is one major problem that Zona is not available for any operating system other than the windows. The clients for Zona can be used for downloading, searching, and streaming TV shows, movies, and online serials, music, and sports, etc.

Couch Potato

It is the first recommended Popcorn Time alternative which is very much famous for incredible user cool interface with many customization options. It is a software where you can stream and directly downloaded the movies and show episodes. The following software is compatible with multiple platforms. Besides all the related films which are available on the same platform, one can also get the movies from the different sites which can be added to the playlists and can be downloaded. With the addition to the same, most of the films are of high quality. It mostly supports the interface change of language (multiple languages) for the benefit of the user. Moreover, this also has a chrome extension in case if you don’t want to download the software. The Couch Potato is compatible with Chrome, Safari, and Firefox.


The Kodi is considered as one of the best open-source open media and the entertainment software that mainly can replace Popcorn Time, which supports any type of media in one tool. The music and movies in a different format can be streamed, even though watch streamable press online. In addition to this, a catalog of the list of favorite movies can be created. Photos, videos, music and can be imported and then make a slide show, and add filters by merely using a remote. Another, an exciting feature of Kodi is that the software is helping to play videos from PVR or Personal Video Recording tools.


It is also the most recommended app for replacing the Popcorn Alternative. The site contains a variety of movies. After the re-banding, it has become more stable now. The newest updates and the most popular movies playing in the theatre are also available. In the first weeks, there will be a cam recorder copy but soon, enough will change to HD when it is available. There were the times when the Infinity War was released in the theatre, it took them a few days to acquire a copy for Gomovies. The search bar available in the middle of the website interface, which can be used to choose the movies you want to watch. If you’re going to use the old version of the website, you can also choose the “Use the Old GoMovies” button to see a list of movies available.

Popcorn time is undoubtedly the most preferred streaming service available for users to enjoy online streaming. But one should not limit themselves to only one website, although various alternatives are available which can be chosen to stream movies, shows, etc. no matter what platform or alternative you choose to stream on, make sure you have a reliable VPN, like Ivacy VPN, to deliver exceptional speeds, impenetrable security and download it with the best speed.