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How to Choose a Web Development Platform for Small Business



Sometimes having a lot of choices is not so good. The number of web development platforms has actually made things just a bit harder! With so many high-quality platforms available today, how do we decide on one? What makes one platform better or more suitable than others?

For small businesses, this criteria is important. Unlike a big business with substantial funds, a small business can ill afford to make wrong choices. Most small businesses today run on a very strict budget, which limits the scope to learn from mistakes. A website or app with its reach and potential is too important to ignore and this is what makes the choice of web development platform so important.

Sure, you can write your own code from scratch, but this is a time-consuming process and one error can set you back. A framework gives you the basics in place. At least some of your must-haves — such as authentication, session management — are already covered.

But that brings us back to our original problem. How do we decide on the framework for our web development platform? You can’t really just run a survey of who’s using which one because each developer and business has its own requirement and to each his own. So what’s good for X may not really suit Y. Instead, you start with the basics — doing your own research. Here are the factors that can help you decide:

Decide if you need a framework

Yes, we’ve said this before. You can start from scratch. But there are other criteria as well. If you just need a URL that sounds good but does not really need the handy features, if you need it yesterday or if all you are looking for is one specific feature, you can avoid the decision on a framework. But if you need anything a bit more nuanced and do not have the hours of coding, authentication or sessions it will require, go for a framework!

Ease of installation:

Here’s where complications can really screw up your day (and your hard work). There are frameworks that seem to work great with loads of features, but need a hundred rounds at installation. Even when it’s ready and tested, deployment can get messy. Which brings us to the frameworks that can make your life easy with an easy instalment, as easy as getting your configuration file right! When manpower is limited and time is short, the choice is a no-brainer.

Ease of use:

With limited resources, you need a framework that is easy for you to use. Every framework has its own structure and rules. Some may be based on the common conventional methods, while some may have their own unique structure. Some may give you a lot of leeways, while some have a rigid structure. You must choose the framework you are more comfortable with. A new framework will mean some learning. So, minimizing this step can only help you. While you are doing that, keep the language in mind as well. You don’t want to choose a framework for its easy structure only to decide you have to learn a new language as well.

Core library and documentation:

Most people make a choice based on the library. After all, this is why you are going for a framework in the first place. But not everyone is looking for the same things. Some people may need a specific feature, while some may want a feature-laden library. Another option here is to go for a framework that gives some flexibility in libraries. But it is not just the features you are looking for. You also need some good documentation to go with it, particularly, a user manual and code snippets. This will help you out when you get stuck.


Some java application development platforms allow commercial usage, while some need licensing. Given a limited budget, this could be the deciding factor. Do not forget to check licensing for plug-ins as well.

Compatibility with mobile OS:

Mobile is the future. Even today mobile users trump desktop or tabs by thousands. This comparatively cheaper medium is also a critical platform for small business for their reach and ease of use. So, it’s important that the framework you choose is compatible with the most commonly used OS, the Android, Windows and iOS. It should also be the latest version, easy to update.

Don’t let the template limit you:

No one denies the convenience of a template. It’s a readymade structure which you know will work. But take it as a springboard for you to work in all the elements you need. So, it’s also important that you choose a platform with flexibility in templates.

The UX:

This is the most important aspect. No matter how full of cool features it is, your website/app will be of no use if it needs a manual to use. Any platform that cannot give you that must be binned!


Me Joseph Macwan working at Aegis Softwares a leading ISO 9001 :2008 and D & B D-U-N-S Certified Application and Software Development, Android and iPhone App development firm since last 15 Years. He is in this business and provide best services to clients. His work with passion commitment towards their work. Our clients can hire dedicated software developers on a fixed price basis with no hidden costs. He is offering unique solutions and delivery models to his clients.



6 Common Web Development Problems and Solutions



6 Common Web Development Problems and Solutions

Technology is changing everyday,,in fact it is growing at breakneck speed.Technology brings forth many new opportunities and associated challenges during web application development process.If businesses want to create lasting, successful web applications, they must address these challenges.

Lets focus on the greatest challenges companies are facing today during web development:
These are challenges that you simply can’t ignore if your business wants to create long lasting, successful applications:

1. The integration challenge

Business applications are more diversified today and prefer to live outside the firewall. A modern business might use a SaaS-based CRM system, in-house BI tools, and host their website on the cloud. This may improve the flexibility, but it is still a challenge for web developers to create a web application that can easily integrate with other applications.Thus the challenge they face is not of implementing more features into their application but to create applications that can easily integrate with others.
Each integration point requires understanding the API, coding, testing, and logging to troubleshoot any issues.

2. The saturation challenge

The world is changing very rapidly with each day. Earlier when the App store was first launched, it was the golden period for mobile app development. But with time very few apps have stayed in the App store.Less than 1% of those apps are financially successful.

The same way, web applications market have also become over-saturated. Users have multiple options, so the challenge for app developers is to stand the ground by making something really innovative and useful for the end-user.

3. The user experience challenge

The rise of apps brings with it spoilt users who are looking for simplicity in web applications the same way they find in their mobile counterparts. It’s very easy for an user to move on to another option. If your app is ugly or looks outdated, they will abandon it for a better one.

Thus with you lies the dual challenge of creating a great user experience as well as create a great experience for other developers. If an application confuses users, or doesn’t offer simple integration for developers, it will likely fail.

4. The speed challenge

The attention span for humans is declining fast, making it even less than the goldfish! So the challenge lies in holding on human attention for your website.

Users don’t like slow applications. Research says that 40% of people will abandon a website that takes more than 3 seconds to load. Think about that!

This puts businesses in a tough spot. Users demand feature-rich applications, which typically run slower. Yet, they will abandon the application if it runs slowly.

Thus Page load times are extremely important for end users to have a great experience, but it is also important in the eyes of Google. Google has included the average page load times into its account and uses it as a factor to select how a site ranks in its search index.

5. The security challenge

Now a days, web application security breaches are very common. According to a study report, at least one serious vulnerability is reported to contain in all web applications. These security threats are causing a big challenge for businesses to keep them up to date beside securing each layer of their web application.
Necessary steps have to be taken to improve business website security and bring in user trust, otherwise users might be too scared to use your site.

Security breaches are on the rise, yet web application security isn’t improving.The fact is, application security is becoming more complex. The challenge for businesses is to  keep up the app to date with evolving application security threats.

6. The talent challenge

With increasing challenge of developing a good web application , the need for developers with good skill sets is also increasing.
Thus the problem for businesses is to find the right talent. They need web developers with modern skills. There is a complete lack of senior talent for project oversight. Companies incur high costs in recruiting contractor talent, or they are unable to staff as and when necessary.


There could be other challenges than the above list, that the website developers face. But the list above contains some of the biggest roadblocks to website development.



Author Bio:

Sunny Chawla is a Marketing Manager at AIS Technolabs – a Web design and Development Company. Helping global businesses with unique and engaging tools for their business. He would love to share thoughts on Ecm Services, Web Designing and Dotnetnuke Web Development.

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EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard Free review




Having a free data recovery software that can help you recover all types of data is the biggest blessing in the present age. With the availability of computers and small storage chips, all the data is stored on the recycle bin and other devices. A minor malfunction can result in major data loss. That is why business owners are looking for recycle bin recovery software that will allow them to recover all the data in case of emergency. There are many software available in the market but none of them have been able to set the standards like EaseUS free data recovery software. Here we have the complete review of the software that will help you understand why it is the best.

Amazing Performance

The performance of the free data recovery software is amazing.

  1. There is a superficial and deep scanning mode available.
  2. You can use any of the scanning modes to recover all the files that you want
  3. It is very quick and within seconds all the files will be properly recovered

No More Data Loss

The biggest attraction of the EaseUS recycle bin recovery software is that you will not have to deal with any kind of data loss. It will help you recover data not only from your recycle bin but also from any other device that you are using. It means that if the files were on your USB or mobile, you can use the software to recover them as well. The best thing is that you can recover all types and formats of data. Just name the format that you need and it will be surely recovered with the free data recovery software. You will not have to deal with any issue while recovering the data.

Easy to Use

There are many online recovery software available that is not easy to use. The reason is that you will have to learn special recovery techniques to work with the software. However, with the free data recovery software, you can easily select the options and start the recovery process. All the information is given when you will start using the software for the first time. You will quickly learn how to use the software because there are three simple steps you have to follow.

  1. Launch
  2. Scan
  3. Recover

Reliable Customer Support

EaseUS free data recovery software has the best customer support. It is a secure and well-developed software that has all the features you are looking for. However, if you are still confused or there are some issues you have been dealing with just contact the experts. They will provide you the perfect guidance on how to resolve the issue. The customer support team is highly responsive.

The recycle bin recovery software is available at the most affordable rates. There are different packages available and you can select the one you like the most. You will enjoy using the EaseUS. It will give you the peace of mind that you will never lose data.

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Business Card Design Software and its Benefits for Entrepreneurs



Business Card Design Software and it's Benefit for entrepreneurs

The business card plays a significant role for a business entrepreneur and company professionals, which helps in creating a good impression of their personality and business. The best creative business card can play a vital role in promoting the image of the company and its working professionals. Hence, it is must to have a business card owned by every working professional as well as the business entrepreneur, so that they can present it before unknown clients or others, for the proof of identity. So, it is mandatory to have the business card design software or service for all company owners, for marketing and promotion of the company, services or products. The business visiting card must have perfect information about the organization that is a logo and personal name along with working profile. At the time of printing the card, you have to choose the best quality paper as it will represent your image and its prestige.

Services offered by Professional Business Card Printing Software

So, the companies that offer Business Card Maker Software to their customers that is client companies are usually known to offer many privileges digitally or manually.

Personalize The Business Card As Per Availability: The business cards are usually customized by the company with name, logo and designation, as the card user is concern. The logo of the company should not be glorified, nor should be extensively plain. The selection of the colors, font, images and the card shapes are also done online by the clients, as per their requirements. You have to choose the landscape shaped visiting cards, and even you can personalize through the online interface.

No Requirement Of Special Design To Choose: A business card is an all about a formal matter, and it’s unprofessional if you will design your business cards with glorified designs, excluding the logo and name of the company. So, the business card software providers should keep in mind to design the software as simple as they can, and of course on desire of client. Nowadays, the business entrepreneurs are more specific the custom designs of the cards, by deciding their priorities, in terms of designs of Business Cards Online, from the websites of the printers. So, even if the client won’t be able to decide what template they can use to design the card then they can choose one of the default templates available on website of the service provider company.

Use Good Quality Papers In Optimum Quantity: Though the business cards shows the different designations of the companies, so you must use high quality papers to print these cards, for which n number of different textures and templates available in the market. Some business cards possesses the metallic finish while other are made specially according to the desired texture, to make these business cards more attractive for the corporate viewers, as per the demand of the clients.

Good Cost With Many Options: As, these business cards order are placed in bulk number, for company working professionals, at a time. So, printers offer great flourishing discounts on the selling price for designing and printing of these business cards, makes them reasonable regarding price. The online business card software provider’s offer low cost to their clients and you don’t have to pay for any of the additional printing and cost of paper for your business card. All you have to do is, you just have to personalize the business cards from their official portal, and they will deliver it under the span.

The printers can deliver the Business cards within the very short span of time, as they do not have to create the desired template manually for the cards and give the print accordingly, as the latest printing technology and web to print software are doing all those jobs for them. So the clients need not to wait for long, for getting the business cards for their officials and working professionals.

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